LastSwab Reusable Cotton Swab

A Reusable Cotton Swab? You Gotta Be Kidding….LastSwab

Cotton swabs are essential products in the daily routines of millions of people; over 1.5 million cotton swabs are made every day, and that means billions of them are used and thrown away every year.

Lixada Titanium Cookware Set Backpacking

Titanium Cookware for Backpacking? You Bet!

With great weather upon us, and the hiking/backpacking season coming up quick, it’s time to start dusting off the gear and making sure the kit is in tip-top shape.

Hoverpen Executive Pen

Finally: The Hoverpen Is A Useful Fidget Spinner For Grownups

Fidget spinners? EDC pens? Unique trinkets with no real purpose? We’ve seen ‘em all. We’ve even seen ‘em all rolled into one. We’ve just never seen one as downright classy and stylish as the HoverPen.

NRS Helmet

Finding the Best Packrafting Helmets of 2019: Pro Tec, WRSI, NRS + More

Packrafting is getting more and more popular, and we expect it to really take off in the next couple of years as the number of excellent, high-quality and affordable options for packrafts keeps expanding.

Rivian R1T Pickup Truck EV

Rivian’s All-Electric R1T Pickup Truck Has Tons Of Storage

As the EV explosion continues, automakers are all scrambling to get in on the fun – and new companies are popping up all the time. Upstart company Rivian is bringing us an EV pickup truck.

Best Hiking Gaiters 2019

Best Hiking Gaiters 2019: Reviews and Buyers Guide

We all love hiking – but there are some things about the sport that drive us crazy - like getting dirt and sand down our shoes and into our socks. That's why we often carry a good set of gaiters.

Fenix CL23 Camping Lantern

The Fenix CL23 is Summer’s Best Camping Lantern

Headlamps and handheld flashlights are great when on the trail, but around the campsite? You want something bigger, brighter and with a hook to hang it from.

Ten Thousand Shorts Free Trial

Want A 30-Day Free Trial For Your Gym Shorts? Ten Thousand Obliges

Subtech Pro Drybag 2.0 Tote

This Is Easily 2019’s Best Dry Bag: SubTech Pro DryBag

Tozo Waterproof Earbuds

These IPX8 Waterproof Earbuds Are Dirt Cheap On Amazon: TOZO Earbuds Review