174Hudston Stack 2

This Packable Commuter Helmet is Legit: 174Hudson Stack

A good commuter helmet is a vital piece of your bike commuting kit. Cycling, while overall safe, does pose some hazards – and protecting your noggin is a top priority on your way to work.

trade coffee review feature
Food & Drink

Trade Coffee Review: The Ultimate Online Coffee Shop

Coffee is more than a drink. It’s a way of life. A ritual for some – one that cannot be skipped without extreme danger of disrupting your rhythm and sending your whole day metaphorically crashing to the ground.

Trtl Travel Pillow

Trtl is The Travel “Pillow” Will Finally Make Sleeping On Airplanes Easy

Ever tried to sleep comfortably on a plane? It sucks. Especially in economy. The seat can’t recline enough to let you lean back, and there’s literally nowhere to rest your head.

Skincare Hiking_2

Skincare and Hygiene In the Backcountry: The Tips and Toiletries You Need

Do you ever think about your skin when out hiking and backpacking? Probably not. At least not the men among us.


The Primus FireStick Is Camping’s Latest, Greatest Camping Stove

Primus, a Swedish company, is one of the outdoor world’s oldest outfitters. They’ve just unveiled their newest camping stove - the FireStick - and we think it’s going to shake up the outdoor stove scene in a big way.


These Are Five Of The Best Affordable Watches of 2019

Finding a watch that you just absolutely love can be tough. Finding an affordable one can be even harder; we ain't all got Rolex money, and an off the shelf Wal-Mart watch is gonna cut it for your tastes.

Runamok Maple Syrup
Food & Drink

Get Some Runamok Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup This Summer (Yes, Summer)

Maple syrup usually conjures up images of Fall or Winter. But that didn't stop us from stocking up on this stuff this summer.

Feetures Socks 2.0

Does Feetures Make The World’s Most High-Tech Socks?

Feetures was started in 2002 when Hugh Gaithner, a veteran of the athletic sock industry (did you know that was a thing?) decided to start taking advantage of all the many technological breakthroughs that were now available in the sock world.

Hops for Heroes Homefront IPA
Food & Drink

Hops For Heroes Homefront IPA: American Beer For A Good Cause

In 2011, MLB pitcher Chris Ray – who spent 7 years with the Orioles, Rays, Giants and Mariners, and was an avid homebrewer throughout his career – decided to do something to show the heartfelt appreciation he had for America and the country’s troops.

Flipside 4 Wallet-Banner-Image

The Flipside 4 Is the Hard-Sided, RFID-Blocking Wallet Travelers Need

Traditionalists just don’t seem to get it. But a trusty wallet is so much more than a leather accessory to carry your money and credit cards in.