What Are the Best Cigars for Beginners? Navigating the Complexity

Want to try a cigar? The choices can be overwhelming. If you pick the wrong one, you may get "burned." Here are the best cigars for the newbie.


Altama Vengeance SR 8″ Side Zip Boot: High-Performance, All-Terrain

If you are looking for a comfortable, functional boot, the Altama Vengeance SR 8" Side Zip Boot is worth checking out. Ready for your adventures.

Food & Drink

Wok Noodles: What Is It and How to Cook This Dish?

Today it is hard to cook fast, healthy meals. Have you tried wok noodles in a Yosukata wok? Varying the ingredients will satisfy for weeks.

Oak and Bond Barrel Aged Coffee
Food & Drink

We Want to Try This Barrel Aged Coffee: Bourbon, Rye, Cab Sav, and Chardonnay Coffee

We've never had barrel-aged coffee before, but we'll try anything once. Oak and Bond's barrel-aged beans pick up the hints of the bourbon, rye, Cab Sav and Chardonnay casks they are aged in, respectively.

Blue Ember XLR Studio Mic 5
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Blue Ember XLR Studio Condenser Mic: An Affordable All-purpose Mic for DIY Music Enthusiasts

The Blue Ember XLR Studio Condenser Mic is affordable and performs way beyond the price tag. The Ember XLR uses Blue’s trademark hand calibrated condenser capsule for high sound fidelity along with high-quality electrical capacitors for maximum clarity and headroom.


5 Best Streaming Cameras for 2021: For Top-Notch Home Broadcasts

With more and more people working from home, there is an increased need for high-quality streaming cameras. Here are our top 2021 picks.


Vaonis Vespera Observation Station: Telescope Connect with the Stars

Star gazing is still a fascination among many. The Vaonis Vespera Observation Station provides a compact, elegant way to enjoy the stars.


Deciwatt NL01 Nowlight Portable Self-Powered Light: Amazingly Efficient

The Deciwatt NL01 Nowlight Portable Self-Powered Light is in a category of its own. Pull cord for up to 50 hours of lighting.


Superstrata C Unibody Carbon Fiber Bicycle: The Future is Here

The Superstrata C Unibody Carbon Fiber Bicycle is definitely worth looking at! At only 16.5 pounds, this lightweight bike may be your next ride.


Bellroy Hide & Seek Premium Wallet: Slim Profile, Loaded with Features

Even though the world is going digital, the demand for high-quality wallets continue. The Bellroy Hide & Seek Premium Wallet delivers class.