backpacking tents

5 Best Backpacking Tents for 2020: Preparing for Off the Grid

Reliable, durable backpacking tents are important if you are going off the grid. Backpacking tents must be lightweight and also compact and protective.

Proof 72-Hour Collection Feature

Wear Proof’s 72-Hour Merino Collection On Your Next Travels

From Nomad Shorts to technical jackets, Proof's entire line is at the forefront of technical clothing. The 72-Hour Merino Collection no less than any other.

Firearms Arsenal

Short Barrel Firearms: Top 7 Choices That Stand Out

Short-barrel firearms can serve many purposes. Today conceal-ability and mobility is important when it comes to an EDC firearm. Here are our top 7 choices.


Fielder’s Choice Wallets Are Made From Old Baseball Gloves

Fielder's Choice wallets and card sleeves are handcrafted and sewn from vintage basebal wallets, each celebrating the tradition of American baseball.

Best Packrafting Helmets

Finding the Best Packrafting Helmets: Pro Tec, WRSI, NRS + More

Packrafting is getting more and more popular, and we expect it to really take off in the next couple of years as the number of excellent, high-quality and affordable options for packrafts keeps expanding.

Open Goaaal Soccer Goal

Open Goaaal–The World’s Best Soccer Goal, Rebounder, and Backstop

Open Goaaal is the perfect goal, rebounder, and backstop. The tension netting on three sides cuts wasted time in half, allowing more time for skill development. Available in Junior, Standard, and Large sizes.

slim wallets

Best Slim Wallets of 2020: Preparing for a Cashless Society

Slim wallets are the craze now. After all, we are now moving closer and closer to a cashless society. So why carry your grandpa's wallet? Go slim and stylish with these recommendations.

Fenix LED Flashlights Mothers Day

Mothers Day is Coming–Here are Our Top Flashlight Recommendations

Mothers Day isn't a time when you think of flashlights, headlamps, or lanterns. However, those are the most valuable long-term gifts! Check these out.

Brand Spotlight

Rhone Clothing–Made for Men and Women: Brand Spotlight

Rhone clothing is a line that pays attention to details. When you are going to the gym, the office, or just relaxing around the house, Rhone products are top class.

CAT s41 Smartphone c

CAT S41 Smartphone: When Phones Get Tough as Nails

When it comes to construction, CAT is the go to company. What about a CAT Smartphone? As you would expect from CAT, their smartphone is near indestructible.