We all have one or more favorite hats. Seager Grit Co. is “leading the pack” in the design and production of hats with grit.

With so many goodies, it can be tough to decide. We have narrowed it down for you by choosing the best of the best; you’ll love them, your friends will love them, and the world will love them.

Our Personal Favorites

The following list includes our personal favorites. These are all currently in stock; you will find that they all have multiple shipping options. You’ll be just a few clicks away from being the coolest person on the streets!

Check out some of the most fantastic hats to date and get on board with the grit and ruggedness this gear offers:

1. Seager X Flylords Dry Fly Mesh Snapback Green

A few reviews gave the Seager X Flylords Dry Fly Mesh Snapback Green a 5/5, a sure sign of a goodie! This vibey but simple hat is part of the Seager x Flylords collection and is your soon-to-be new adventure buddy!

The Seager X Flylords Dry Fly Mesh Snapback Green can go through anything, and there is no need to keep it dry. The ‘Dry Fly’ cap is strong and has roping on the brim with a mesh backing, making it ideal apparel for all sorts of adventures.

The green on the ‘Dry Fly’ is striking but still has a neutral tone, and you can combine it with many different things – and we know how much style matters! The ‘Dry Fly’ includes an embroidered Seager x Flylords ‘Dry Fly’ design on the front of the cap.

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2. Lasso Outdoor Crushable Mushroom

We needed to add some variety to this list, so we present you with the Lasso Outdoor Crushable Mushroom. This hat has it all: the vibe, the quality – and it looks like it’s from the old West.

Put this beauty on your head, and it will completely transform you.

The Lasso Outdoor Crushable Mushroom was explicitly made for the outdoors, and your Wild West cowboy dreams are about to come true. Yee-haw!

The Lasso Outdoor is made of wool and sports a classy pinch front crown – easy to wear and pack. The Lasso Outdoor Crushable has an adjustable leather chin strap and a leather hat band. The quality of this hat is unmatched.

A velcro strap under the sweatband allows you to customize the sizing. The sizing runs big, making this hat the perfect gear for any man! The interior sweatband is Seager branded and has a 3 1/2″ brim.

We love this hat because it’s stylish, sexy, and its tan color complements most clothing.

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3. Uncle Bill Hemp Snapback Blue

The Uncle Bill Hemp Snapback in blue is a classic and should be a staple in everyone’s cap/hat collection. Uncle Bill was the mastermind behind many Coors’ beer styles and inspired Seager to produce this hat, making it an ode to his legacy.

The Uncle Bill snapback is striking, has good vibes, and looks good on pretty much everyone. It has an embroidered ‘Uncle Bill’ patch on the front, with fantastic stitching and a merrowed edge.

The Uncle Bill snapback is unstructured and medium profile. It is one size fits most and includes a “Hey Good Lookin” tag on the inner lining.

The closure at the back is adjustable, and the snapback is made of 55% hemp and 45% cotton – we love this one!

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4. Field Hemp SnapBack Tan

We chose this one because it’s simple yet striking. It looks good, and we know it will suit just about anyone. You can also never go wrong with a basic snapback. The Field Hemp SnapBack in tan is suitable for any occasion, and if you are ever caught wearing this snapback, people will drool at the sight of you.

That’s how cool and powerful the Field Hemp snapback is. It is made from mostly cotton and hemp, and fits well for summer and winter. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing – you’ll look great doing it with this sweet snapback on your head! Welcome to the Seager community!

The Field Hemp snapback is high profile and features an embroidered logo patch with a merrowed edge. It’s a “one size fits most” deal and includes a “Hey Good Lookin” tag to give you that daily reminder.

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5. Seager X Birdwell Corduroy Snapback Red

This corduroy snapback is part of the exclusive Seager X Birdwell Britches collection and is one of our favorite Seager hats. Corduroy is back in style, and we know that everyone wants in!

This corduroy snapback styles a single patch with a revised classic Birdwell ‘Birdie’ for a timeless look – with a nod to the old west.

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6. Brooks Hemp Snapback Cream

Let’s get wavy, baby! The Brooks snapback in cream has a rug carpet-esque patch design in olive green and was inspired by one of the best beaches down the West Coast. This hat is undoubtedly groovy like a drive-in movie and just had to take a spot on our list!

The Seager ‘Brooks” logo on the front of the hat is embroidered and has a bit of a shaggy carpet touch, you know, for that extra grooviness. The material is solid and looks good – this gear will last forever.

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7. Wilson Mesh Snapback Duck Camo

The Duck Camo is your partner for the outdoors, and this boy will come with you on any adventure. The Duck Camo is just like the classic ‘Wilson” but has a camo mesh backing and comes in a Duck Camo colorway.

Essentially it’s the same old hat, just with some new and improved features – we love it and think you’ll enjoy it too!

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8. Big Black Corduroy Snapback

Again, the corduroy. It’s here, and it’s here to stay! The Big Black is 100% cotton corduroy and 100% in style! It also includes a cool embroidered Seager Script font. This snapback is a sure standout and will look good with any clothing you wear.

The design is timeless, and you can never go wrong with a little black number – it’s sleek, simple, and super duper cool!

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Final Thoughts

A small group of friends inspired to change the game when it came to hats is behind this brand. Their whole collection is impressive and constantly releases new designs and styles. If you want to be part of the grit and ruggedness, then be sure to hop on board and get your hat or snapback from Seager!

We love their designs, and they also have a lot of other gear on offer that will complete the Old West look!