Men’s wear has evolved over the past two years. Laid back, outdoorsy, and with a pioneering spirit that cares about values and the environment, that’s Sendero Provisions Co. A cool, male-oriented brand from the Lone Star State.

In this review, I’m gonna walk you through all the reasons why I think Sendero Provisions is an epic outdoor and leisure attire brand that you should definitely check out if you identify with their outdoorsy lifestyle vision.

About Sendero Provisions Co.

Sendero Provisions Co was founded in Waco, Texas, by some self-identifying “industry outsiders.”

Why? Because a bunch of mates that are geologists, adventurers, and artists by trade decided to come together and design a male attire range that can serve their lifestyle of fly-fishing, rock climbing, and adventuring through the beautiful landscapes of Central Texas and the wider United States of America.

“Sendero” is Spanish for “trail” or “path” and with that, the founders wanted to hint at their adventurous spirit of wandering the trail-blazed path by industry leaders that inspired them to start their own attire range.

This brand puts high quality at the heart of what they do. Most of their clothing items are made of vintage denim, local cotton, and wool, and with high attention to detail that is another reminder of how much the company values “an honest handshake” and “a hard day’s work,” according to their website.

Sendero Provisions Items

Sendero began with men’s wear, but their product line has expanded. Here is the full list of what you can expect to buy from Sendero either through their online store or one of their retail locations:

Men’s Shirts

The button-down shirts come in a regular fit and fabric that is inspired by Western-style design. Their vintage shirts are stone-washed and worn in, while there are also some more extravagant printed shirts available that are inspired by South-western culture, with stylish agave-prints and jacquard patterns.

Hats & Beanies

Their hat and beanie range features prominent Texan iconography such as the Agave or a Coyote.


Whether it’s short- or long sleeves you can expect to get the signature Sendero Provisions logo screen print range, or Texan-inspired iconography with bold prints and slogans like “bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.

Their shirts are made of a cotton and poly mix and have a regular fit.

Outerwear (i.e. Hoodies, Sweatshirts & Jackets)

Stylish hoodies that match the vibe of the T-shirts and hats will round off any outdoor enthusiasts’ attire, and also come with the iconic screen-printed Sendero Provisions logo.

Accessories (Bandanas, Stickers, Patches, Pins & Prints)

For those that truly relate to the brand’s lifestyle and vibe, you can buy yourself some super cool patches or pins and artwork for your home, car, or bags.


A still relatively small kid’s range, but with enough choice to match daddy or the bigger brother on the first outdoor trip to the Rocky Mountains or fly-fishing grounds.

They also recently brought out a National Parks clothing range that features hats, T-shirts, and stickers with colorful logos of all the famous US National Parks, as another patriotic homage to their homeland.


Here are some further details about our favourite Texan outdoor brand.

– Who is Sendero Provisions made for?

If you are an outdoorsy adventure seeker who enjoys cracking open a cold one over a good BBQ fire with your mates after a day out in the open hiking or venturing off the beaten track, then Sendero Provisions is the perfect attire company for you!

Their super cool yet relatively bold prints embody that Texan outdoor spirit perfectly and are made for any patriotic adventure enthusiast with the Spirit of the West inside of them.

If you love nature and care about outdoor inclusion, cultural preservation, and conservation, then Sendero Provisions is a brand that understands your ideals and works with like-minded individuals to create a sophisticated, yet laid-back brand for people like you.

– Where can you buy Sendero Provisions?

They have an online store and are also sold in various locations across the USA. They have their headquarters in Waco, Texas, if you would like to pop in there and check out their range.

Otherwise, you can shop their cool attire on Amazon, Ebay, as well as Tylers.

– Do they also sell clothing for women?

While they don’t have a specific women’s range yet, you shouldn’t let that stop you from wearing their T-shirts, beanies, hats or hoodies! Even their shirts can look super cool on a gal that is into the outdoors and all about that adventurous spirit!

Final Thoughts

Sendero Provisions Co is the perfect brand for those looking to give off a chilled, laid-back vibe. I can’t get enough of their t-shirts and hats, and you won’t be able to either after browsing their awesome range.