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Fast Eddie has been a gear fanatic since an early age...collecting everything from watches to pocket knives. A lifelong entrepreneur, he started his online journey in 2000 selling used college textbooks on half.com. By 2006, he transitioned into a direct ecom site focused on everyday carry gear...everything from flashlights to pocket knives. Now, when he's not testing out new gear, he enjoys spending time in the outdoors...mostly running and fishing with his 2 teenage kids.

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Need a new cooler? Rugged Road 65 V2 is your adventure companion

What if we told you that the best hard-sided coolers don’t have to weigh a ton or cost a fortune? Would you believe that a nearly indestructible workhorse cooler weighs around ten pounds and keeps drinks cold for up to seven days? The attention-grabbing Rugged Road 65 V2 portable cooler, new and improved. This model’s second generation was worth the wait, so let’s check it out.

By Fast Eddie

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10 Best Summer vacation spots in america: Hit the road!

Summer is in full swing, and there's still plenty of time to hit the road and head out for a great vacation or two. Because, really, when is there a better time to travel the country than summer? From small-town country getaways to full-on outdoor excursions, here are some of the best summer destinations across the country.

By Fast Eddie


Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners: Focus on Hand Protection

When you pick up a new sport, you always want to ensure that you have the right training equipment and gear. It's essential to have the right boxing gloves because they can improve your skills and help you look the part. Regardless of what type of boxing you want to take up, you will need boxing gloves, mostly to prevent injury to your hands and wrists.

By Fast Eddie



Finding the best wireless earbuds can be overwhelming. The choices available are daunting. In the past year, improvements in sound and connectivity have greatly increased. So we wanted to assist you by selecting our top 10 wireless earbuds.

By Fast Eddie


Best Alternatives to Ridge WalletS: SAVE SOME MONEY

I've come to understand that these pseudo "leather" wallets I can buy at my local mall don't last very long. So, when I see a product like the Ridge wallet, I get a bit curious about whether it may be worth it. I'd buy it right away were it not for the rather hefty price tag. Let's explore some alternatives to the expensive Ridge wallets.

By Fast Eddie