When it comes to leading a successful and stylish lifestyle, there are a few key products that every man should have. First, a good whiskey is essential for enjoying a night out with friends or colleagues. Cigars are another classic accessory that can help you make a great impression. And if you're looking to stay in shape, a quality fitness tracker is a must-have. Of course, these are just a few of the many products that we uncover, review and test here at Gear For Life!

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BucknBear Damascus Folding Coin Knife: TRULY UNIQUE

It's all about cool, practical gear in the most compact size possible. BucknBear and Huckberry teamed up to produce just that in the Folding Coin Knife. The modern Damascus steel is world class and is sure to catch everyone's eye when you pull it out. The wave pattern is purely exquisite. How small is this small? A little larger than a quarter. It's so small, it will fit into the coin pocket of your jeans. You may be hesitant of it's size; however, it is ready to tack any everyday job. Specifications Part of the Huckberry-exclusive Damascus EDC collection Made from modern Damascus steel with a unique pattern on every tool Features a G10 handle and Damascus steel blade

By Fast Eddie

Best Travel Suits of 2018 Gear For Life


Best Travel Suits in 2022 That You Can Flaunt

You don’t want to be sitting in a tight, uncomfortable suit for several hours, only to get up and head to work or a meeting with wrinkles and creases all over it. And you certainly don’t want to sweat through it as you head to gate. That’s where travel suits come in. Grab one of these, pair it with some smart, functional luggage, and you'll be traveling in pure crease-free comfort.  Here are some of the best travel suits that will suit your constantly on-the-go lifestyle.

By Austin Leavitt