Main features of Seager western hats:

  • World-class traditional headwear
  • Retro-looking designs
  • High-quality materials
  • Practical and hard-wearing
  • Versatile models for every taste
  • Affordable price

What if you don’t have to go with a Resistol or Stetson to own a premium western hat? Would you agree that other American brands can manufacture cowboy hats that stand shoulder to shoulder with the elite?

If this sounds impressive, that’s because it is, and Seager western hats deserve every praise. I tested them in various settings and weather conditions, so I speak from experience. Here’s what makes them so cool.


Seager Co. is a relatively young company, given that this Pennsylvania-based brand stepped onto the scene in 2015. A group of friends joined forces and started the label focusing on western grit and combining ruggedness with timeless utilitarian designs.

We already discussed Seager on this site because their products tick every box for what we look for in outdoor gear and clothing. So, I knew what to expect from Seager’s cowboy hat collection, but closer inspection still left me in awe. There’s a reason why Seager is worn by the best, and you can see that in every product.


The vintage-looking Seager western hat lineup draws inspiration from the Old West. Therefore, I could easily imagine American icons like Clint Eastwood or John Wayne wearing one of these wide-brimmed beasts.

More importantly, Seager cowboy hats impress with durability and build quality while remaining reasonably priced. So, if you need well-designed western wear to complement your summer outfit, these models will not disappoint.


Upon receiving the Seager hat collection, I was most impressed with how lightweight yet sturdy these cowboy hats feel. They keep their shape well, showing excellent elasticity despite rugged materials.

Then again, Seager opted for the best materials, so it’s not surprising to see the hats behave accordingly. The label proudly says that Seager cowboy hats are made in the USA, so you can expect these hats to stand the test of time.

Although Seager drew inspiration from the American frontier, these vintage-looking hats are perfect for wild spirits and urban cowboys. The only downside could be the cost, given that exclusive Seager hats, like the model designed in collaboration with Nikki Lane, can get pricey.


The partnership with Nikki Lane, a famous country singer, is not the only time Seager joined forces with other brands or celebrities. Moreover, Segar collaborated with Huckberry, Birdwell, Raen Sunglasses, Ranch Rider Spirits, and Flylords.

Nonetheless, the collaboration with Stetson marks the crucial moment when Seager turned towards manufacturing the best western hats money can buy. So, let’s look at the most popular Seager hats and see what separates them from the rest.


For a price of $180, the Seager Longhorn cowboy offers the best price-to-value ratio among western hats in 2022. We reviewed the ultra-lightweight Seager Longhorn Ivory Straw hat, but this series features many other models. The best-selling version would be the 4x Longhorn hat in black with a custom red silk liner and a 4 ½’’ Cattleman crown.

In addition, the Longhorn model has a 4-inch brim with a Western Flange and a two-cord ribbon band decorated with the signature horseshoe pin. The interior sweatband features brown leather with gold foil, making these cowboy hats moisture-wicking and ultra-comfortable.

Besides the felt-made Longhorns, Seager also offers palm and straw variations for sun-soaked activities when you need extra breathability. Thus, I could recommend this versatile yet classic-shaped western hat to rodeo riders, ranchers, and campers worldwide.


The Longhorn cowboy hat mimics the renowned shape popularized by the legendary Boss of the Plains. However, the Longhorn is not the only purpose-made western hat in Seager’s library, and the Buckaroo also replicates iconic headwear.

Namely, the Los Tres Buckaroo hat acts as the American take on the Vaquero, a classical hat shape from the 1800s. To honor the heritage and tradition, Seager opted for Mexican palm, combining it with a 1-inch brown leather sweatband.

I also like that the offer includes the official Seager Palm hat box, allowing you to store the Buckaroo when not using it. But once you receive this stunning hat, the chances are you’ll wear it everywhere.


As you could’ve seen from the best-selling Seager cowboy hats, this manufacturer sticks to the traditional shapes and time-tested silhouettes. Then again, Seager isn’t afraid to add innovative materials if they can boost comfort, softness, or breathability.

For instance, the Dri-Lex sweatband is absorbent and durable, keeping you cool while reducing perspiration and not allowing sweat to go into your eyes. Of course, if you need the best western hat for summer and hot days, I would advise going with the Ivory ventilated straw model.

Even though Seager cowboy hats have a broad, 4-inch brim for sun protection, these hats also provide the ultimate comfort. Therefore, I’ve felt no discomfort while wearing these hats, and the snug fit would even massage the scalp and give a soothing sensation. Just remember to pick the appropriate size.


You can no longer ignore Seager’s presence in the western wear scene because this ambitious brand is taking the world by storm. Seager plays no games, and the exclusive collaborations with high-profile partners show they mean business.

Most importantly, Seager western hats offer excellent qualities at reasonable prices, making them a savvy investment for anyone interested in traditional cowboy headwear. From what I’ve seen, Seager hats are worth every penny, as long as you opt for the perfect model to complement your needs and preferences.

After all, Seager cowboy hats have limited availability, so don’t wait too long, or you might miss out on this excellent opportunity.