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11 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts: For The Gear Lover, The History Buff, The Outdoorsman

Just a few days until Father’s Day. If you’re still looking for a last minute gift to get Dad, you’re in luck…

Cultures for Health Kombucha Starter Kit
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Cultures for Health: Make Your Own Kombucha or Yogurt…With Ease

Like to eat healthy? Ever been interested in making your own kombucha, yogurt or even kefir? Check out try Cultures for Health.

Health Warrior Bars 2
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You Should Try These Fresh New Energy Bars This Summer

Summer's here - and with the warm weather comes a more active lifestyle. You're going to need the convenient and handy snacks of energy bars to stay fueled and fed on the trail and on-the-go.

Woodford Reserve Batch Proof Bourbon
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Woodford Reserve Batch Proof Bourbon is The Bomb

With summer here, it’s time to start expanding that bourbon collection. Woodford Reserve – one of the best whiskeymakers in the world – is here to help, bringing us the 2019 rendition of their Batch Proof Bourbon.

Jealous Devil Charcoal

Is Jealous Devil The Premium Charcoal We All Need This Summer?

If – until now - you were just hauling that same old grocery store brand charcoal out to the grill for every cookout, blissfully unaware that there was even a world of premium charcoals out there…you were just like us….

Kruve banner Image
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Kruve Measures Coffee Down to Parts-Per-Million

Making mediocre coffee is easy and requires little effort and zero expertise (beyond dumping coffee grinds into the machine and topping with the appropriate amount of water).

Ferno Grill Firewheel Banner

The Ferno Grill and Firewheel Are The Beast Of A Gas Grill We All Need

If you’ve got $4,800 to spend on a gas grill for those outdoor barbecue adventures this summer, we suggest plopping it down on the Ferno Grill.

Bright Cellars Wine Box
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Looking For A Wine of the Month Club? Bright Cellars Delivers (Literally)

Does anything exemplify the “finer things in life” as much as wine? Not if you ask us (whiskey aside).

THAT! Inventions Deluxe Meat Defrosting Board
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THAT! Is the Most High-Tech Meat Defroster We’ve Ever Seen

Thawing meat for dinner can be a pain. Forget to take a frozen steak or chicken breast out of the freezer and pop it in the fridge at least 24 hour before cooking, and it likely won’t be ready in time for dinner.

ProBar Meal Replacement 2
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ProBar Superfood Slam: Plant-Based Meal Bar That Actually Tastes Good

There’s a lot of meal replacements and energy bars out there, and you should easily have your pick. But if we’re being totally honest, some of them Just. Taste. Awful.