What’s to like about the Thule Rail hydration pack:

  • Innovative ReTrakt hose management system
  • 2.5L slide-closure reservoir
  • Compact, back-hugging, and lightweight
  • Various pockets, sleeves, and dividers
  • Excellent stability and weight distribution
  • Durable fabrics and components
  • Spine-protecting Koroyd layer (in the Pro version)

Are you tired of the generic, flimsy hydration solutions that fall apart on your first downhill race? Isn’t it time you invested in proper gear and pushed the limits of your mountain biking game?

If yes, the cool-looking Thule Rail hydration pack might be the perfect pick. It combines advanced technologies with a clever design to double as a storage unit and a portable water tank.

Ready to check it out? Let’s go.


The chances are you’ve seen Thule’s name on many cars because this Swedish company is the number one brand for bike racks, roof racks, and other cargo carriers. Founded by the Thulin family in 1942, Thule has plenty of experience manufacturing award-winning products for transportation and outdoor activities.

The expansive Thule Group comprises brands like Case Logic, SportsRack, Tepui, or Chariot, creating various consumer goods. Each company follows the highest quality standards and uses only the best materials. The Rail hydration pack is a prime example.


If you are shopping for a hydration pack but don’t know what to look for, our brief buyer’s guide should point you in the right direction. After all, online retailers and land-based stores offer various models, making it tricky to separate the top-rated hydration packs from the rest.

So, consider the following elements before splashing the cash on a new pack.


Every experienced outdoor enthusiast knows that investing in high-quality gear and equipment is always wise. The same goes for hydration packs because a sturdy model will survive various challenges on the trail without letting you down when you need it the most. So, look at stitching, fabrics, and zippers to find a well-put-together hydration pack.


Depending on your bike-riding style, climate, and terrain, you might need a larger or smaller hydration pack. Thus, analyzing these elements is crucial. After that, look for models offering suitable volume, i.e., the perfect water-carrying capacity for your needs and preferences. For instance, Thule Rail has a 2.5-liter reservoir.


If you buy a quality trail-riding pack, staying hydrated while speeding through the backcountry will be a breeze. Namely, these portable water containers come with intuitive, easy-to-use hydration systems. So, check if you can drink your favorite beverage hands-free. Likewise, consider the storage capacity and how easy it is to get stuff in and out.


Hydration backpacks are like other outdoor equipment—they come in various sizes and at different price points. Therefore, experts recommend finding a few models within the specific budget and comparing their features to see which backpack offers the best value. For example, Thule Rail is not a budget-friendly hydration pack, but the qualities justify the higher price tag.


As we said, Thule built its reputation on excellent designs, premium materials, and dependable products. So, we expected nothing less from the new and updated Thule Rail hydration backpack.

Thule offers three variations of the Rail pack: 8L, 12L, and 12L Pro. The names are self-explanatory and denote the overall carrying capacity. Consequently, the prices range from $139 for the 8L model to $199 for the top-spec 12L Pro.

Color-wise, the Thule Rail hydration pack is available in Obsidian and Covert, fancy terms for black and khaki. Of course, this compact backpack will look modern and attractive regardless of color.


If you are going enduro, go all the way. Extreme mountain biking revolves around pushing the boundaries and doing what few would dare. So, to excel at this activity, you’ll need adequate gear and equipment, including a back-hugging hydration pack.

For instance, the Thule Rail hydration pack offers top-drawer stability and comfort for day-long rides since it has a handy chest strap and padded shoulder straps.

In addition, this hydration backpack has a low center of gravity and excellent weight distribution. Thus, your belongings will not shift or bounce as you take your two-wheeled steed up and down the steepest hills.


Optimal weight distribution will reduce discomfort or muscle strain, leading to improved bike handling and better results on the trail. So, you’ll be glad to know that the low-profile Thule Rail hydration backpack provides a snug fit alongside an optimized position for your repair kits, tires, pumps, first aid kits, and other necessities.

The interior has several pockets and dividers to position the gadgets securely and limit their movement while you perform stunts and break speed records.

On top of that, this hydration backpack earns top points because Thule opted for the advanced ReTrakt magnetic hose-returning system. The technology offers hand-free hydration without slowing down. Remember, the Rail model has a 2.5-liter HydraPak reservoir with quick-access slide closure.


The Rail from Thule is among the best cycling hydration packs money can buy because it combines excellent build quality with maximum functionality. For example, this model has a sturdy locking bite valve for leak prevention during and after the ride.

On top of that, the Pro version comes equipped with a removable, lightweight Koroyd back protector. If you are serious about downhill riding, protecting your back is essential.

The dependable Thule Rail hydration backpack also has easy-access lash points for attaching your helmet or chin bar. The external compression panel offers extra space for clothing while reflective details boost safety for cycling in urban areas.


The Rail hydration pack’s compact and lightweight construction will make you forget you’re wearing it, but your body will be thankful for hydration and protection. For that reason, this slim backpack could be a worthwhile investment for outdoor explorers and trail riders. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with Thule.