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Finding the best wireless earbuds can be overwhelming. The choices available are daunting. In the past year, improvements in sound and connectivity have greatly increased. So we wanted to assist you by selecting our top 10 wireless earbuds.

By Fast Eddie

Blue Ember XLR Studio Mic 5

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Blue Ember XLR Studio Condenser Mic: An Affordable All-purpose Mic for DIY Music Enthusiasts

XLR has been known as a quality engineer of audio products for some time, and the new Blue ember XLR Studio Condenser Mic is no exception. The Blue Ember XLR is a perfect mic for DIY enthusiasts who need a solid all-purpose recording microphone for making music or streaming live audio. It has a 38Hz-20kHz response range, so it can pick up low rumbling bass tones and crystal clear high notes to an unparalleled degree of precision. Even with it's low price, the Blue Ember is light years beyond speakers with built-in microphones such as the NYNE Aqua. 

By Fast Eddie