Main features of the ROAM 65QT rugged cooler:

  • Heavy-duty rotomolded plastic
  • Ample storage space
  • Excellent ice retention
  • Weather-tight seal and lockable lid
  • Adjustable handles with tie-down channels
  • Integrated bottle opener and drain plug
  • Storage basket and cutting board

Finding the perfect hard-sided cooler can be easier said than done because there are many options on the market. Plus, you must consider storage capacity, convenience, portability, and many other factors before purchasing.

Yet, the super-sturdy ROAM 65QT Rugged Cooler ticks every box. It has an undeniable all-around appeal, so I gave it a shot to see how it behaves while camping, tailgating, and on other outdoor outings.


For those unfamiliar with ROAM, we should first say a few words about the brand. After all, this outdoor-oriented brand stepped onto the scene in 2017.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, ROAM focuses on manufacturing top-quality rooftop tents and other accessories for those enjoying going off the grid. They recently introduced coolers into the lineup, and the spacious 65QT is among the best-selling models.


The first thing I liked about the 65QT model is the impressive sturdiness and overall build quality. ROAM opted for a rotomolded continuous piece of plastic, making 65QT as resilient as any portable ice chest.

In addition, the dependable ROAM cooler comes with many add-ons and extras that will make getaways and get-togethers more enjoyable than ever. I’ll get to those elements in a sec.

On the other hand, this premium 65QT model is among the most expensive outdoor coolers, priced similarly to high-end YETI and ORCA ice chests. I’ve also read that many dislike the rugged aesthetics, but the purpose-built looks of the ROAM 65QT are what I look for in outdoor gear.


Since I’m not the most careful of people, I always choose sturdy and rugged outdoor accessories. That’s why I was glad to learn that ROAM manufactures items that can handle years of wear and tear. The same applies to their cooler, including the 65-quart version.

As I said, ROAM opted for rotomolded plastic instead of injection-molded RTIC. Therefore, you can expect decades of use even if you take the well-crafted ROAM 65QT to the beach every weekend.

After all, ROAM named this cooler ‘rugged,’ so it’s not surprising that this ice chest can withstand anything. I especially liked the weather-tight seal since it allows for hassle-free days on the lake. The same goes for top-notch insulation and ice retention (up to eight days, according to the manufacturer).


On my first expedition with the ROAM 65QT Rugged Cooler, I threw it into the car’s trunk and drove off to the nearest camping site. During the weekend, my friends and I continuously used the cooler, sometimes to sit on it but primarily to crack open a cold one.

So, what did I learn during this process? First, ROAM coolers come with stainless steel pin hinges and a lockable lid. Therefore, you can open and close the chest a million times over, and it will stay in mint condition.

Likewise, most users will appreciate the convenient grip grab handles and adjustable pull handles. These details are crucial when transporting and maneuvering this 32-pound ice chest.

In addition, I should mention the single-finger latches because they allow effortless opening while holding my phone or beer in the other hand. Speaking of beverages, please note that this hard-sided cooler will hold up to 42 cans, so plan accordingly.


ROAM Adventure Co. might be one of the new kids on the block, but this American brand has no shortage of creativity. That’s why ROAM products took the outdoor segment by storm.

For instance, the 65QT Rugged Cooler is not only durable and spacious but also intuitive and convenient. Namely, it has a built-in drain plug and a pressure release valve. Likewise, it has a cable lock bracket for maximum security during week-long adventures.

If that’s not enough, ROAM 65QT comes equipped with a built-in bottle opener on the side of the chest and a cutting board that doubles as a divider for the interior space. They’ve also thrown in a storage basket made from sturdy metal! Talk about being generous with add-ons and extras.


Despite its hefty price, the well-built ROAM 65Q Rugged Cooler is among the best hard-sided coolers for a reason. It combines a no-frills design with impressive durability and maximum functionality, offering an excellent price-to-value ratio. So, what more could you need?