Main features of the Howler Brothers Quintana flannel shirt:

  • Subtly quilted nylon yoke
  • A comfortable cotton blend
  • Durable yet cozy brushed finish
  • Cast eye buttons at cuffs and placket
  • Spacious, dual chest pockets
  • Western-style aesthetic
  • Affordable price

We’re sorry to break it to you, but summer is almost over; winter is coming. So, it’s time to replace those summer-friendly, double-gauze shirts with something cozier and warmer.

For instance, the classy Howler Brothers Quintana quilted flannel shirt is a safe bet for anyone looking to add premium garments to their trans-seasonal clothing arsenal. This easy-wearing flannel can handle backyard chores, camping trips, motorcycle rides, or the good-old grocery shopping. Talk about versatility.

So, here’s everything you should know about the Quintana flannel.


Founded by Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian in 2011, the Howler Brothers company is an ambitious Austin-based clothing brand. In the early days, Howler Bros designed only polo shirts and T-shirts. Their hand-tailored signature gaucho shirts with pelicans, pinatas, and alligators arrived a couple of years later.

Nowadays, celebrities like Will Ferrell, Jimmy Kimmel, or Matthew McConaughey wear Howler Brothers shirts, and the fan base keeps expanding. After all, who doesn’t like a mash-up of Western-inspired designs and laid-back surfer aesthetics?


Since flannels are the quintessential fall weather menswear, it’s essential to pick quality pieces and never settle for low-quality shirts. A well-made flannel shirt will last for years, if not decades, combining ruggedness and softness in a convenient, adaptable garment.

So, consider the following elements before purchasing to separate the best flannel shirts from the rest.


Premium flannel shirts weigh between wool sweaters and jackets, and you can use the weight as a guide for finding a high-quality piece. Most top-rated flannels will feature cotton blends or 100% cotton. Synthetic fabrics are allowed, like wool or polyester, but if we’re talking about recycled plastic fleece, put the garment back on the shelf.


To learn how a flannel shirt is made, look at the hardware. Experts recommend double-checking the ‘details’ like snaps, zippers, or seams. For instance, hefty cuffs and collars will spell good news, unlike plastic zippers and loose edges. Clean, tight seams with heavy-duty snaps are surefire signs you’ll get a well-built flannel shirt.


Nobody wants a boxy and shapeless flannel, yet we see these garments more than we’d like. So, look for a piece that follows the body instead of hanging straight from the shoulders. Likewise, check whether the shirt limits mobility and arm movement because flannel shirts are everyday garments and should offer top-drawer comfort.


Finally, there’s the ever-present financial aspect, given that high-end flannels for autumn and winter can get pricey. On the other hand, finding a flimsy, low-quality flannel shirt for a few bucks is a straightforward task, but it accomplishes nothing. So, compare several models to find the ones offering the best price-to-value ratio, such as the Quintana flannel from Howler Bros.


Howler Brothers opted to design the Quintana flannel with an outdoorsy twist, walking the fine line between a shirt and a jacket. Of course, the old-school flavor is still there, giving this flannel a classic, timeless look.

With a price of around $70, the Quintana model is among the best affordable flannel shirts in 2022. It comes in five sizes and various color combinations. We picked the Adobe Tan version with its earthy, natural tones that go well with blue jeans or khaki pants.


As we said, the Howler Brothers Quintana flannel shirt features a traditional shape that contours the body and goes slightly narrow at the waist. Since this is a flannel shirt, the rounded hem allows for an untucked look and a relaxed fit.

On the other hand, you could roll up the sleeves and unbutton the front because this flannel shirt is ideal for layering. In other words, this quilted flannel is more than a warmth-giving uniform for outdoorsy people. Instead, the classic cut offers tons of wearability for chilly days when the air is crisp and the mornings are damp.


The Western-style Quintana flannel from Howler Bros could become your go-to choice for a fall-ready look because it features a nylon quilted yoke. The quilted area covers the front and back part of the shoulders, reaching down to your chest height at the front.

Thanks to the durable quilted area with its wavy design, the Quintana flannel can handle colder weather and provide plenty of warmth. The nylon will also handle rain splashes, making this flannel a perfect option for home renovations, day hikes, or brewery visits.

Because of this versatility, the Quintana model typically ranks among the top-rated quilted flannel shirts money can buy.


Speaking of wearability, we should mention that Howler Bros Quintana flannel has two chest pockets with Howler heritage snaps. Thus, you can use this space to store sunglasses, cards, keys, or wallets. Smaller tools or EDC equipment could also fit into these easy-to-reach compartments, making this flannel shirt a marriage of form and function.

Even though the Howler Brothers Quintana flannel is a typical fall weather garment, it will handle various conditions without problems. Namely, you could wear it as a layer during cold winter days or go for an unbuttoned look during summer BBQs or bonfire nights.

The 60/40 combination of cotton and polyester has a soft brushed finish, creating a gentle, comfy feeling that will never irritate the skin. In addition, the quilted yoke is an ideal solution for preventing discomfort from pack straps on long-distance hikes.


If you need a wallet-friendly yet well-designed flannel for the upcoming season, the comfy Howler Bros Quintana quilted shirt will not disappoint. We liked every aspect of this flannel shirt, from its traditional shape to premium materials. Plus, the price makes the rugged-looking Quintana a wise choice for any outdoor enthusiast eager to spend time outside with friends and family.