A good workout begins with a good pair of workout shorts. Ten Thousand has perfected every aspect of what you are looking for. Sourced from Taiwan and Italy, Ten Thousand only uses the best quality fabrics for its shorts and workout gear. In this article, we’ll be taking you through some of our absolute favorite Ten Thousand Shorts, and we’ll also be comparing them to help you make an informed choice.

But before we get into this, what makes them so great besides the above?

What Makes Ten Thousand Shorts Excellent?

These shorts aren’t simply made and distributed, but have also been field-tested by professional athletes. Ten Thousand conducted over 2000 fit-focused field tests to compile data to ensure their gear is the best of the best – that’s a lot of testing! In addition, the company offers:

  • A lifetime guarantee on all clothing.
  • A way to send back old workout gear for a discount.
  • A rewards program.

These shorts are for high-performing athletes who need to hone their craft for hours without worrying about their shorts tearing. In short (no pun intended), this is some of the best workout apparel on the market, no matter how hard you’re training.

What Might Make Them Not So Excellent (Hint: They’re Expensive)

Unfortunately, because Ten Thousand is a premium brand, it’s a bit more expensive than the average. And, if you’re not in the US, getting yourself a pair isn’t a case of walking into the shop, as the brand doesn’t offer international shipping.

These workout shorts aren’t particularly flashy or bright, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this brand is not for you. (Don’t worry, we’ll list some alternatives you can explore at the end of this article.)

As we move onto our next section, we’ll consider different variables when contemplating how great (or not so great) Ten Thousand shorts are, including:

  • Breathability.
  • Performance.
  • Durability.
  • Water resistance.
  • Comfort.
Ten Thousand Shorts (And Some Of Our Favorites)

In the past year, many of us have been looking to shed that lockdown/COVID weight. And so, with this in mind, it wasn’t easy coming up with our favorites from among these fantastic pairs of shorts, but we certainly tried.

As we talk about each pair, you’ll notice some similarities, mainly that most have been designed to handle some tough training, thanks to their meticulous gathering of audience insights.

1. Maximum durability: Foundation Shorts

Speaking of tough training, let’s talk about their Foundation Short. A clue to what makes this pair so unique is in the name. These shorts are indeed a foundation with their heavier yet more durable design. They’re perfect for day-to-day use and challenging gym sessions. And interestingly, if you’re a big weight lifter at the gym, they’re great for barbell training.

These workout shorts accommodate a two-way stretch for comfortable deep squats. There’s also a draw cord to ensure you’ve got the perfect fit. And of course, they have all the usuals:

  • They come in seven different colors.
  • They’re available in 5″, 7″, and 9″ inseams, with six different size options as well.
  • They come without or with liner.

And at just $64-$68, the Foundation Shorts are also cheaper than some other options.

2. Great all-round use: Interval Shorts

We’ve got a lot to say about these shorts. Not least of which is that they come with many features, including:

  • An anti-odor compression liner.
  • Moisture-wicking technology (which helps with quick-drying). These shorts aren’t exactly designed for swimming, but they dry well! 
  • A no-bunch waistband. It hugs very nicely around your waist and will not come undone.

Unlike Foundation Shorts, these are a lot more lightweight. They’re perfect for all-around use, whether you’re looking to do some gym workouts, hike, or go cycling (and go swimming, it seems!) If you’re looking to buy these:

  • They come with a selection of 12 different colors.
  • They’re available with three choices of inseams: 5″, 7″, and 9″, and come in six different sizes
  • You can buy a pair with a liner or choose the linerless options.

The Interval Shorts are also one of the cheaper ones, like the Foundation Shorts, at $64-$68.

3. Minimalistic: Session Shorts

These lightweight performers are a much more breathable pair. The minimalistic design of these shorts is attractive, and laser-cut ventilation makes them breathable and comfortable. In addition, like with the Interval Shorts, they come with quick-drying technology.

If you’re interested in buying yourself a pair, take note that:

  • They come in nine different colors.
  • They’re available only with 5″ and 7″ inseam options, but again in six sizes.
  • They come with or without liner.

A pair of Session Shorts will also set you back anywhere between $64-$68.

4. Fantastic for running: Distance Shorts (and our first favorite)

This pair is probably our very favorite – it’s hard to find a good pair of running shorts, so hang onto them! When you run long enough and often enough, you may start experiencing problems with chafing and discomfort. But not with this pair, and we can’t recommend it enough.

So, would you consider yourself a runner? Are you addicted to beating your times and improving your endurance? You might enjoy a pair of Distance Shorts. This high-quality premium pair is perfect for any running situation, be it:

  • Marathon running.
  • Short sprints.
  • Daily jogging.

Distance Shorts are minimalistic in design and come with a very lightweight waistband. And as a runner, we’re sure you know how frustrating chafing can be. Well, the liner of these shorts ensures that chafing becomes a thing of the past. There’s also some excellent anti-odor tech that will keep your shorts fresher for longer.

And there’s a phone pocket for those of us who love listening to music. And while we know this isn’t essential for everyone, we’re sure many will appreciate it (we certainly love a good workout mix!).

Unfortunately, options are a bit more limited if you’re interested in buying these shorts:

  • They’re available in only four colors.
  • They’re available only with 3″ and 5″ inseams, in five different sizes.

These Distance Shorts will cost you $78. Yes, that’s up to $14 more expensive than other choices, but trust me, they’re well worth it.

5. Excellent motion: Fight Shorts

While trying to learn more about these shorts, we stumbled across this video (you don’t have to watch it, but it’s interesting and worth a glance.). The message? Fight shorts were designed by fighters for fighters. You’re looking at a piece of gear that has been meticulously tested to determine the best features to keep for a great sparring session.

The gripper hems keep the shorts from moving with the stay-in-place waistband to compliment it further. It also boasts a drawcord to help improve the fit. And of course, you don’t want your shorts loose when training or fighting.

And you also don’t want to feel that your motion is limited or that your shorts are about to rip open. Further, the open side slits help support better motion, which is particularly great for sports requiring a lot of leg movements.

However, if you’d like to get yourself a pair, bear in mind:

  • They only come in black or ash.
  • They only have a 7″ inseam available but come in six sizes.

Anticipate paying between $47-$78 for a pair of Fight Shorts.

6. Full of features: Tactical Shorts

Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts were created in collaboration with the United States Spec Ops. So, you can count on these shorts being of the highest quality.

And as an added touch, these shorts boast a four-way stretch to allow for a great range of motion. Whatever the task, these shorts have you covered. And with a zip pocket to carry your more sensitive belongings, you’ll feel completely secure going for a run without worrying about losing your keys or phone.

This pair comes with different options:

  • You can choose between seven different colors.
  • You could opt for either a 5″ or a 7″ inseam, in six different sizes.
  • It’s available with or without a liner.

The non-liner version of these shorts isn’t ideal. Without the liner, the shorts will not likely stay in place, and this may take away from your workout. However, if you’re not exercising and want to wear this pair daily, no liner shouldn’t be an issue.

At their current price, Tactical Shorts will set you back anywhere from $74 to $78.

7. Best for swimming: Set Shorts (another favorite)

The Set Shorts are great – designing a comfortable pair of shorts that enable an easy transition from water to land is no easy feat. But Ten Thousand has pulled it off – no surprise there!

Remember how well some of the other shorts seemed to dry? The Set Short is designed to transition between the water and land seamlessly. It has two secure zippers on both the left and right sides of the shorts, ensuring that your valuables remain completely safe in the water and on land.

Make sure not to leave your phone in your pockets, as although these shorts are water repellent; they won’t protect electronic devices. As with many pairs of Ten Thousand shorts, these have been trial-tested by athletes to ensure that they’re well-designed for you.

Even Don Tran, a former Marine, cites how incredible these shorts are at accommodating land and water training.

Interested in getting yourself a pair? Then consider:

  • Which of the five different colors you’d like.
  • Whether you need a 5″ or 6.5″ inseam, and which of six sizes you want.
  • Whether you need it with liner or without.

The Set Shorts cost $78.

8. The eco-friendly choice: FAR Shorts (we love these)

We think the FAR shorts are great because: well, you might think we’ve only chosen these shorts because of their environmentally-friendly design. And while this is a variable, it isn’t the only reason. This pair has everything going for it, like the others we’ve listed. Let us explain further:

FAR Shorts were developed in collaboration with endurance athlete and plant-based nutrition advocate Rich Roll. Ten Thousand created this eco-friendly pair with recycled fabrics certified by Bluesign and GRS.

Along with being an environmentally-conscious pair, this item boasts anti-odor fabrics, a lightweight waistband, a secure back phone pocket (and a key pocket, separately), and the quick-drying abilities that make Ten Thousand shorts so great.

If you’re looking to buy yourself this pair, bear in mind that:

  • It only comes in black and green.
  • It comes with only a 5″ inseam, in five different sizes.

When writing this, Far Shorts are currently discounted at $62 but usually go for $78.

9. Taking it easy: Recover Shorts

These are the most comfortable pair we’ll talk about today – and for good reason. Recover Shorts were made for your off-days. While you might be able to technically use them for a short jog or a quick workout session, they’re designed for the day-to-day.

If you’re looking to purchase yourself a pair, take note:

  • You can only buy them in black, light grey, and slate-colored.
  • They’re available in three different inseam options, 5-inch, 7-inch, and 9-inch, and in six sizes.

A new pair of Recover Shorts will cost you $68.

10. Super-breathable: Compression Shorts

You’ve come to the right place for some super breathable and extremely lightweight compression shorts! You can use this durable and breathable pair alone as they’re not see-through and can be an excellent choice for a gym session or a bike ride on those hotter days.

They’re anti-odor, have a no-pinch waistband, and boast a nifty pocket for your phone or keys. With high-quality material, these shorts are a must-buy. However, they only come in black and have a 7″ inseam, although they are offered in four different sizes.

A new pair of Ten Thousand Compression Shorts will cost you $54.

Some Other Great Brands

And if (impossibly!) none of these shorts interest you enough to make a purchase, then you might find that one of these great sportswear brands might fit your bill. It could also be that although you found the one you liked, it was too expensive. Whatever your reason, here’s a list of some of our other favorite workout clothing brands you could also explore.


No conversation about sportswear is complete without Nike coming up at least once (or possibly many, many times). This American multinational has its mark on shoes, workout equipment, and clothing, including some great pairs of workout shorts.

For example, the Nike Pro shorts are well designed to withstand most workout conditions and rigorous training and are available in various designs.


While known for their yoga pants, Lululemon also makes a great pair of shorts. Many of their shorts are lightweight and made with quick-drying fabrics and other similar technologies to Ten Thousand. You’ll also find that they’ve got specific shorts designed for running, while others are better suited for training.


Japanese multinational ASICS are named after a Latin phrase: anima sana in corpore sano -“a sound mind in a sound body.” Their sportswear helps you get to that “sound body,” and at an affordable price, we might add.

Many of their shorts work well in most weather conditions and aren’t too tight but boast a comfortable and supported fit – perfect for any kind of sports training.


As a running company, Tracksmith is incredibly well-suited to, simply put, sell you running gear. Their shorts, such as their Session Shorts, come in various colors and are extremely comfortable. However, they also carry a hefty price tag as a premium brand.

Making The Right Choice For You

Deciding on the right choice of shorts for you can be difficult. So, always consider what it is you might wear them for and whatever personal preference you may have. While a few are well suited for high-intensity training, others are better for running, and some are best for lifting heavy weights. Every piece of Ten Thousand training apparel has been created with audience insights in mind and guarantees customers a comfortable fit and good performance.

Ten Thousand has done a fantastic job at differentiating itself as a brand designed with athletes, for athletes. It’s no wonder they’ve become so popular. And with the variety we’ve talked about, it appears there’s truly something for everyone.