If high-end timepieces like the Rolex Submariner are out of your reach but you don’t want to settle with low-quality options, check out the comprehensive selection of the best diver watches costing less than $1000.

The timepieces on this list will provide the best bang for your buck, as they feature premium materials, modern technologies, and excellent craftsmanship. Of course, they also earn top points for looks and functionality.


Although the price point was our primary reference, we applied several additional criteria to separate the top-rated affordable dive watches from the rest. So, by considering the following aspects, we could rank the timepieces and ensure they deserve a place on our best dive watches list.

You can apply the same method when buying a new yet inexpensive diver watch, as these essential elements can guide you through decision-making.


As we mentioned, men’s dive watches can cost an arm and a leg, making them a lifelong dream for most people. Luckily, many prestigious manufacturers also offer timepieces at wallet-friendly prices, i.e., under $1000. Therefore, we considered only those models that fall within this budget.


Even though our selection features relatively inexpensive diver watches, they don’t lack quality or artisan craftsmanship. Namely, every timepiece on the list comes from a renowned brand and features durable materials with high-quality mechanisms. We checked the dials, bezels, straps, and everything in between to separate the best from the rest.


Men’s dive watches come in various shapes and sizes, even though there’s little room for experimentation design-wise. Most models are vintage-inspired, and they follow a time-tested recipe. Even so, we looked at the aesthetic appeal of a watch to see if the model in question features an appealing, elegant design.


Finally, we should mention the usability because we also tested this aspect. Namely, we were looking for feature-rich timepieces that will handle various outdoor adventures alongside day-to-day activities. Of course, we also checked for the must-have elements, such as rotating bezels, anti-reflective coatings, and date functions.


It’s only fair to start the list with the company that introduced the first quartz watches and created the first timepieces with chronographs. Founded in 1881, SEIKO Watch is a Japanese watchmaking powerhouse with plenty of experience in the business. Therefore, it’s no surprise they know how to make an inexpensive yet premium dive watch.

Moreover, the unique Prospex SRPE33 is a limited edition, complementing SEIKO’s efforts to save the oceans. The rich blue background on the dial is gorgeous, giving the illusion that you’re looking through a ship’s rounded window. But that’s not all because the three manta rays beneath the dial are a bulletproof conversation starter.

Aside from the classy looks, the Prospex dive watch from SEIKO boasts a stainless steel case with a 43.8mm diameter. The LumiBrite technology on the hands, indexes, and bezel will let you see the time in pitch-black conditions. On the other hand, the inner anti-reflective coating on the sapphire crystal ensures maximum visibility during the day.

Of course, SEIKO Prospex SRPE33 is a water-resistant model, and the specifications say it can dive up to 600 feet below the surface. You’ll probably never test this feature, but the automatic mechanism with the date display and stop seconds hand function will offer excellent day-to-day performances.


Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. is another renowned Japanese brand with more than a hundred years of history and tradition. During the early years, the company relied heavily on Swiss watchmakers, and the same attention to detail is still visible. In 1959, Citizen introduced the Parawater as the first Japanese waterproof watch—a direct predecessor to the modern Citizen’s series of dive watches.

So, what to expect from the Promaster Dive watch? Only the best, of course, even though this ISO-certified timepiece costs only $280. The price might fool you into thinking that CITIZEN Promaster doesn’t meet the highest quality standards, but this is not the case.

For instance, the cool-looking Promaster features the famous Eco-Drive technology, meaning you’ll never need to open the case and replace the battery. The Eco-Drive system will take care of everything by harnessing the light’s energy. Since there’s no need to open the stainless steel case, the watch will remain 100% waterproof for decades.

The 40-mm case has an anti-reflective mineral crystal coating to deflect light and increase usability. On top of that, the CITIZEN Promaster dive watch comes with an eye-catching dark blue dial and polyurethane strap. As expected, the luminous hand and markers are also part of the package.


Although the following brand started as an American company in 1892, it now operates as a part of The Swatch Group and has its headquarters in Bienne, Switzerland. So, as a subsidiary of the world’s largest watchmaking conglomerate, The Hamilton Watch Company deserves a place among the best.

And even though Hamilton is not a luxury brand per se, many of its models will cost a fortune. But, the Khaki Navy Scuba automatic dive watch will not because this rugged yet elegant beast costs $745. Only a handful of timepieces can compete with Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba price-wise, let alone in design and functionality.

This 40-mm automatic has a classic-looking stainless steel body, a sapphire crystal, and a 20-mm lug width. In addition, Hamilton’s dive watch features an anti-reflective coating and a screw-down crown. The black dial looks sharp and classy and allows various wardrobe combinations and styles.

You can buy the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba automatic with or without the date function. Either way, the H-10 mechanism will provide an 80-hour power reserve if you decide to leave this dive watch at home. Then again, who would miss the opportunity to wear a Hamilton and impress people left and right?!


The Japanese watchmaking industry is famous for delivering watches that provide excellent value for money, and Orient is a prime example. Founded in 1950, this company might be slightly younger than some names on this list, but it’s still a 72-year-old grandpa. So, expect a neat combination of tradition and modernity when checking out Orient’s library of wristwatches.

For example, the well-crafted Orient Kamasu dive watch offers a remarkable price-to-value ratio because it costs under $300. Many consider it the best entry-level automatic dive watch on the market, and we tend to agree. After all, the Kamasu model features an in-house Caliber F6922 movement, sapphire crystal, and 200-m water resistance.

Orient Kamasu might not be an ISO-certified diver, but the pros outweigh the cons if you consider buying this stainless steel wristwatch. Namely, the barracuda-inspired design with teeth-like hands will separate you from the rest, while the durable steel bracelet handles wear and tear without problems.

The unidirectional bezel is elegant and combines well with the black or burgundy-colored dial. The red version could be ideal for night-outs when the attention-grabbing background does all the talking, while the black dial creates a universal, everyday timepiece look.


If you are into luxury wristwatches, the famous Swiss brand founded in 1853 should be right up your street. Moreover, Tissot joined forces with Omega in 1930, forming a top-level alliance to rule the watchmaking world.

Typically, Tissot timepieces are among the most expensive, but the budget-friendly Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80 ranges between $695 and $725, depending on the bracelet. Therefore, it has a guaranteed spot among the best dive watches because you’ll get a trusty timepiece for less than $1000. Sounds too good to be true?

The water-resistant Tissot Seastar 1000 is ideal for watersport lovers, given that this diver features a sporty look, especially if you opt for a rubber bracelet. After all, only a handful of inexpensive dive watches will handle the pressure of 30 bar (1000 ft/300 m). In addition, Tissot gives a two-year warranty for this model.

The durable 43-mm Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80 has a stainless steel case (316L) and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. On top of that, the sea-through case, the ceramic bezel ring, and a screw-down crown will captivate anyone you meet. Of course, this automatic wristwatch offers 80 hours of power reserve.


It’s high time we visit the States and see what American watchmakers offer for this specific price range. The first name that comes to mind is Luminox, a high-end California-based brand. Luminox is famous for its heavy-duty timepieces for the US Air Force, US Coast Guard, and various other special forces teams worldwide.

In 2016, the Swiss brand Mondaine became the sole owner of Luminox, opening new opportunities for the brand. For instance, the Swiss-made Pacific Diver is a 44-mm beast that will offer a constant glow for 25 years. It handles a 20-bar pressure without hassle, diving up to 660 feet and returning unscathed to stay on your wrist for decades.

Luminox claims they designed this diver watch with the Pacific in mind to serve the Navy SEALS, military, and other first responders. Hence the name Luminox USA Pacific Diver. The inscription on the case says that ‘every second counts,’ and this dependable wristwatch will tell accurate time under any condition.

The stainless steel body and sapphire crystal are resilient and long-lasting, while the rubber bracelet offers maximum comfort. Another selling point of this Luminox dive watch is the self-powered illumination, thanks to the Superluminova markings on the dial. What more could you need?


As much as we appreciate and support American brands, the guys from Switzerland are the unofficial kings of the industry. For instance, Montres DOXA has been around since 1889, building its reputation on top-level dive watches. Depending on your style and preferences, you can choose between world-famous Sharkhunters, Saeramblers, Divingstars, or Professionals.

Each series offers unique looks, with the Sharkhunters having a black-colored dial. Namely, DOXA unveiled the Sub 200 Sharkhunter in 2019, and this 3-hand dive watch took the world by storm. It has a sturdy case built from 316L stainless steel and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Of course, DOXA Sub 200 Sharkhunter has an anti-reflective coating, but it also features distinctive domed plexiglass with an old-style curvature. And yet, it retails for around $800, making it a must-have for wristwatch enthusiasts. Each DOXA watch is a collector’s item, and you’ll probably never test the 20 ATM (200m) rating.

The self-winding automatic Swiss movement is at the heart of this timepiece, providing a 38-hour power reserve. At the same time, the stylish bracelet nicknamed ‘separate Beads of Rice’ makes the Sub 200 Sharkhunter one of the best-looking dive watches for men in 2022. After all, who could resist the DOXA fish logo on the crown and the folding clasp?


The following contender for the top spot might be famous for its world-class pocket knives, but you’ll also find the iconic Victorinox logo on some of the most rugged men’s dive watches. Notably, the I.N.O.X. Professional Diver could be a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a dependable, good-looking, yet reasonably priced wristwatch.

This diver boasts the strict ISO 6425 certificate, meaning the watch endured 130 extreme homologation tests. Impressive, even for Swiss watchmaking standards. The analog quartz movement offers a 20 ATM water resistance and sits in a stainless steel case with a matt-finish dial.

Since the sturdy I.N.O.X. Professional has a 45-mm case, it might be too cumbersome for smaller wrists. However, the high-quality rubber bracelet will cradle the hand comfortably and keep the watch in position. The unidirectional rotating bezel with its count-up scale is another praiseworthy element, and the same applies to the easy-to-read dial with a Swiss Army logo at 12.

Overall, the Victorinox I.N.O.X. Professional Diver watch is a tank of a wristwatch, and it will handle any adventure you embark upon. So, it’s no surprise it ranks among the best affordable dive watches in 2022.


Advertised as the best mid-tier Swiss automatic, the classy Alpina Seastrong diver oozes ruggedness and elegance, and it will meet most users’ needs. The German-Swiss company stepped onto the watchmaking scene as far back as 1883, operating under the Citizen banner since 2016. Throughout its history, this Swiss watchmaking brand was famous for its innovative timepieces and the iconic red triangle.

The Seastrong Diver 300 GMT has a reliable AL-247 quartz movement and a black turning bezel with a screw-in crown. Dimensions-wise, this 44mm dive watch has a 12.45mm thick case and comes with a 22mm strap. Then again, it doesn’t feel like a behemoth sitting on your wrist because the curved lugs allow the rubber belt to wrap around your wrist oh-so-comfortably.

As the name implies, Alpina Seastrong Diver boasts a 300m (1000 ft) water resistance. The see-through case is fun to look at but does nothing for the performance. Nevertheless, you can use this feature to impress the young and be the coolest uncle on the planet.

Powered by the reliable AL-247 mechanism, this dive watch offers years of use at a wallet-friendly price. You’ll get a water-resistant stainless steel timepiece from a legendary brand for less than $1000, making the Alpina Seastrong a no-brainer.


The last entry on this list is not a typical dive watch since it also falls in the dive computer category. Even so, we had to add it to the selection because it offers excellent value for money, especially for the adventure-inclined gentlemen. As you probably know, Garmin is a multinational enterprise founded in Kansas with its current headquarters in Switzerland.

Garmin is famous for its GPS devices and wearable technology, and its sporty watches have a massive fan base. The rugged-looking Descent MK1 dive watch continues the brand’s philosophy, boasting premium materials and heavy-duty construction.

For instance, this feature-rich diver has a 1.2-inch display that shows plenty of real-time data for diving expeditions and underwater exploration. In addition, this diving smartwatch comes equipped with multi-sport features, a heart-rate monitor, and multiple navigation sensors.

Moreover, the Garmin Descent MK1 dive watch will automatically activate tracking as you hit the water, displaying the current depth, dive time, battery life, ascent/descent rate, and the decompression stop. Thus, you’ll have the info you need within arm’s reach. This timepiece also offers a 40-hour battery life, solidifying its place among the most functional dive watches money can buy.


And there you have them: the best dive watches you can buy for less than $1000 in 2022. We presented the top ten models that combine classy designs with the famous get-work-done vibe we all know and love. In other words, each diver on the list could be a worthwhile investment.

After all, these high-quality timepieces will not cause bankruptcy but will raise your style to the next level. So, since every second counts, choose your favorite model and thank us later.