What’s to like about Ekster Wallets and Accessories:

  • Young and ambitious brand
  • Founded in 2015 after a Kickstarter campaign
  • Cool-looking, innovative designs
  • Sustainably sourced leather
  • Sleek, minimalist wallets
  • Built-in RFID blocking
  • Free returns and 1-year warranty

Are you looking for innovative yet responsibly sourced wallets and other carry goods? If yes, why not consider an attention-grabbing brand that aspires to join the elite and grab a piece of the accessories market?

Since Ekster is a relatively young company, I was just like you: unaware of its existence. Yet, things changed after I reviewed their best-selling products and tested them in action.

So, let’s see what Ekster is all about and check whether this brand would be the right fit for you.


As I said, Ekster has been around for 6-7 years, given that the company stepped onto the scene in 2015. Two Dutch gentlemen, Olivier and Rick, founded the label and launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to get the project up and running.

Of course, they instilled the products with youthful energy, passion, and creativity, making the goods attractive to men worldwide. The brand continues to grow and attract new team members, spelling good news for the Ekster fan base and those who appreciate this brand’s products.


Since I mentioned Ekster’s vision and brand values, it’s only fair that I add a few words about Ekster’s dedication to sustainability. After all, eco-conscious companies are my cup of tea, and I can’t help but applaud efforts toward responsible manufacturing and environmental protection.

For instance, Ekster uses LWG-certified, vegan recycled leather for its wallets and accessories. If you don’t know what LWG means, it’s like a gold star for eco-friendly tanneries and leather manufacturing facilities.


I received several Ekster products, but, at the same time, I was also curious about their complete portfolio. So, I’ve checked the company’s website to see what else they have in store.

Ekster has a well-designed, polished online presentation with a top-quality shop where you’ll find wallets, laptop sleeves, phone cases, cash chips, and key holders. As they say on the site, the company creates products for “life on the move,” allowing you to perform tasks efficiently and “get back to living” and enjoying each moment.


The primary products in the Ekster lineup are wallets for the 21st-century gentleman. And no, not every wallet from Ekster is leather-wrapped. On the contrary, this modern brand also uses space-grade materials like aluminum and carbon fiber to produce top-notch card holders.

Then again, leather wallets and card holders like the Parliament or Senate show Ekster’s true colors and ooze elegance and style. These models come with built-in RFID protection and quick card access mechanisms., but the high-quality leather attracts the most attention—ten points for softness and durability from me.


Every self-respecting gentleman should have a cool-looking phone case for everyday use and an elegant weekender bag for quick getaways. So, you’ll be glad to hear that Ekster ticks these boxes and offers reasonably priced products for an active lifestyle.

In addition, Ekster manufactures a sleek and well-designed laptop sleeve for 13-inch devices to make your workday stress-free and efficient. I especially liked that the Ekster laptop sleeve has elastic storage and hidden pockets with a magnetic closure for maximum safety. Of course, environmentally certified leather is here once again.


Finally, I stumbled upon several EDC items in the Ekster shop, and I believe they deserve an honorable mention. After all, who doesn’t like well-thought-out gadgets and accessories that reduce stress and make our lives easier?

For instance, Ekster offers excellent key trackers and key holders for those who want to stay organized and never lose their keys again. Likewise, the company manufactures a clever stainless steel multi-tool that comprises a screwdriver, SIM card pin, a ruler, and a bottle opener. This pocket-friendly tool will fit into most wallets and card holders, so it’s not surprising to see it called a compact problem-solver.


Ekster offers plenty of appealing products for modern men, but it’s not all roses. For instance, the weekender bag comes with a hefty price, even though this high-end product has excellent qualities. Likewise, another downside of shopping at Ekster is limited availability because their exclusive products might be hard to reach.

On the other hand, Ekster goes above and beyond to provide a top-notch customer experience. Namely, I liked the 1-year warranty and a 45-day free returns policy. The US free shipping offer is valid only on orders above $50, but most Ekster products are already above this line.


I’m not a die-hard wallet connoisseur, and I admit my knowledge might be limited, but we’ve reviewed the best slim wallets on this site, and you could say we know a thing or two. Yet, comparing Ekster with other brands is easier said than done because this brand takes the elegance game to a new level.

Nevertheless, the competition in the micro-wallets world is fierce, and companies like Dango are hard to beat. We’ve also reviewed wallets from Bellroy and Fossil, and I can confidently say that the Ekster Parliament wallet stands shoulder to shoulder with each.

I mentioned that Ekster keeps the prices reasonable, and that’s another area where this young brand keeps up with the best.


Modern problems require modern solutions, and Ekster could be an ideal brand for contemporary gentlemen living in a soon-to-be cashless world. If you only carry around a few credit/debit cards and aspire towards a minimalist lifestyle, this Dutch company could be right up your street.

I had an opportunity to check out several of Ekster’s wallets and accessories, and each left a positive experience. Moreover, I think each product received a five-star rating, impressing me with the overall build quality, durability, and price-to-value ratio.