Ruike 801SF Everyday Carry Knife

Ruike Everyday Carry Knife – Folding 801SF: Quality Far Beyond the Price

If you are looking for an everyday carry knife that is functional, compact, and of the highest quality, the Ruike 801-SF everyday carry knife is worthy of your consideration. Have you ever lost a knife because the pocket clip failed? You don't have to worry about that with the Ruike design. The pocket clip is heavy duty and attached with two secure lock screws. You will tear your pocket off before you break the pocket clip.

Swiss Army Knife

The Nail Clippers You Didn’t Know You Needed: Swiss Army Nail Clip

Nasty hang nail? Don't bite it off! Use Victorinox's Swiss Army Nail Clip to remove it (and tackle virtually any other chore. It's a real Swiss Army Knife.

Peter Pauper Budget Notebook

Best EDC Notebooks: Gear For Life Buying Guide + Top Picks

Carry a pen around with you everywhere you go? Make sure you're not missing the right notebook to go with it. Here are our top EDC notebooks for 2019.

Holcombe Carabiner

The Holcombe Reinvents The Carabiner (From James Brand)

Many people – EDC enthusiasts and more- use carabiners to keep their keys and essentials handy. But maybe you’ve noticed that many of these carabiners aren’t very good.

Peter Pauper Budget Notebook

This Budget Notebook Could Replace More Expensive Options

If you frequently find yourself on a budget, you might find yourself looking for a budget notebook option to your typical Moleskine.

Best Cross Pens 2019

Cross Bailey Mini-Review (And The Best Cross Pens of 2019)

Sleek machined metal bodies. Ultra-smooth, free-flowing ink. Classic and modern style alike. These are the Best Cross pens of 2019.

Timex Weekender EDC Watch

Timex’s Weekender Makes The Perfect EDC Watch On A Budget

No, it’s not a Rolex. And it probably won't last as long as one. But for the price, we couldn’t be happier without Timex Weekender.

Saddleback Wallet Sleeve 2.0 Minimalist Wallet

The Ultimate Minimalist Wallet? Saddleback Leather Wallet Sleeve

I’ve been rocking this ridiculously simple wallet sleeve from Saddleback Leather for more than 6 years now, and there's no turning back.

Bexar Goods 3 Items

Bexar Goods Gear We Want (Or:The Satchel Indiana Jones Would Wear)

Bexar Goods leather goods are so good, we think Indiana Jones we would their Porter Satchel. Here are 3 leather items of their's we want to try.

Best EDC Belts 2019

Best EDC Belts For 2019: CCW, Tactical and More

Whatever your personal definition of EDC, we can all agree that being geared up is important. For many of us, that means having a good EDC belt, too.