Main features of Walden Eyewear Woods sunglasses:

  • Rectangular retro shape
  • Vintage keyhole nose bridge
  • Sturdy five barrel-riveted hinges
  • Plant-based “green nylon” lenses
  • Recycled, eco-friendly materials
  • Comfortable, tapered temple shape
  • Affordable price

Even though summer is almost over, a decent pair of shades shouldn’t leave your side. After all, the best sunglasses will elevate your style, boost confidence, and leave an impression on the ladies. (We know this because we reviewed dozens of quality sunglasses from renowned brands like Julbo, Maui Jim, and Costa Del Mar.

So, if you need a pair of classy shades, why not go with the elegant Walden Eyewear Woods sunglasses? This model combines a vintage-inspired design with modern materials and a comfortable fit. What more could you need?


Many of our readers might be unfamiliar with Walden Eyewear, given that the brand recently stepped on the scene. Yet, an exclusive partnership with Huckberry will undoubtedly popularize the name and introduce Walden’s products to a massive customer base.

From what we’ve learned, Walden relies on time-tested designs and proven formulas, but they also give a unique twist to their high-end sunglasses. Meanwhile, they’ve kept the prices reasonable, and the wallet-friendly Woods shades are the perfect example of the company’s philosophy.


Sunglasses are the quintessential style accessory and should be part of every gentleman’s arsenal. However, it’s not always easy to pick the ideal model, especially when fashion brands and eyewear manufacturers start bombarding with new releases.

So, to point you in the right direction, here’s a checklist with everything you should know about buying high-quality sunglasses in 2022.


No one wants their favorite shades to break the first time they fall on the floor. Therefore, look for resilient frames that will twist if you sit on the sunglasses but will not break completely. Flimsy shades will squeak and shake in hand, so double-check the overall sturdiness before splashing the cash on a new pair.


You’ll never enjoy the shades unless you find the perfect fit. So, besides materials and durability, look at the dimensions to see if the sunglasses will complement your anatomy. There are many options, allowing you to pick and choose. Namely, the goal is for the frame to mirror your face measurements.


Modern sunglasses will feature various materials, including metal, plastic, nylon, and even titanium. Yet, nothing will matter if the design and the overall vibe don’t suit your style. Of course, many parameters affect the aesthetic aspects, such as lens tints, coatings, frame shapes, etc.


The last element to consider is the cost, given that high-end sunglasses can cost a fortune. On the other hand, buying the cheapest shades could be risky because you’ll get no protection against UVA/UVB rays. So, determine your budget and compare several models from a specific price point.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what Walden tried to do with the Woods sunglasses—mimic the timeless looks of Ray-Ban Wayfarers and Persol shades. The trapezoidal shape has been around for decades, but gentlemen worldwide are still in love with it.

Walden Eyewear stripped away anything unnecessary, sticking to the good-old winning formula. The Woods series is available in Black, Champagne, and Matte Tortoise, offering plenty of flexibility regarding style and wearability.

In addition, the price of only $99 makes Walden Eyewear Woods sunglasses a wise choice for those looking for affordable men’s sunglasses. Talk about perfect gift ideas for friends, partners, or family members.


If you are going for that iconic Paul Newman or Steve McQueen look, the retro Woods sunglasses will do the trick. As we said, Walden Eyewear opted for a vintage silhouette that pays homage to the 50s era.

The minimalist Woods shades feature a trapezoidal shape with thick frames and a keyhole nose bridge. These elements give these sunglasses a familiar look, following the classic blueprint created by iconic shades from the previous decades.


Walden Eyewear might be new to the game, but they understand the importance of eco-friendly manufacturing. So, their sunglasses, produced in Italian factories, feature recycled steel and other sustainably-sourced materials.

Namely, we are talking about bio-acetate and similar plant-based materials that comprise innovative “green nylon” lenses. This technology raises the game, ranking the Woods sunglasses among the best shades for men in 2022.

In addition, you’ll get a recycled PET microfiber to keep your favorite eyewear clean and shiny all day long. The microfiber cloth features a minimalist Walden artwork, letting everyone know you’re a member of the exclusive club.


Besides the Woods sunglasses, Walden Eyewear and Huckberry offer a cool-looking River series. Both versions have a recognizable shape and ooze elegance and style. In other words, Walden makes sunglasses ‘inspired by history’s greatest looks.’

At the same time, this manufacturer doesn’t neglect the overall build quality. For instance, the Woods shades are hyper-wearable because they have a durable, resilient frame. Recycled steel and bio-acetate work in combo to produce excellent results regarding longevity and sturdiness.

On top of that, Walden Eyewear included durable five-barrel riveted hinges to maximize day-to-day performance. So, regardless of how often you open and close the frames, the hinges will not squeak, sag, or fall apart.


Investing in a stylish pair of sunglasses could be a perfect way to reward yourself for your hard work. After all, the shades should improve confidence, raise self-awareness, and make you more relaxed during beach excursions, road trips, or camping expeditions.

For that reason, the inexpensive Walden Eyewear Woods sunglasses in Matte Tortoise receive a ‘thumbs up’ decision from our fierce jury. We recommend these shades because they are easy-wearing, sustainably built, and as classy as sunglasses get these days.