Brand Spotlight

Brand Spotlight

Fenix TK20R 2.0 Rechargeable LED Flashlight

The Fenix TK20R 2.0 Rechargeable LED Flashlight is our top go-to tactical flashlight for 2022. You get 3000 lumens, rechargeable, and more.

Brand Spotlight


It's a given--head protection should be worn during our extreme sports. The Oakley ARO3 Lite helmet is about the best there is for safety.


10 Best Camping Lanterns in 2021: The Most Versatile Lighting Device

Whether you are going camping or need hands-free lighting under the hood, a high-quality camping lantern is a must have in your lighting.

Brand Spotlight

On Shoes–Why It is Time for You to Look Outside Your “Shoe Box”

Move over other major athletic shoes on the market. There is a "new" kid on the block. On Shoes is taking the market by storm...Swiss-made perfection.

Brand Spotlight

Taylor Stitch the Ranch Boot in Saddle Tan: One Step Ahead of the Competition

Boot weather is upon us and the Taylor Stitch the Ranch Boot should be your top choice. The Saddle Tan leather and natural sheepskin lining are comfort.

Brand Spotlight

YETI’s Tailgating Essentials–Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

It's tailgating season so it's time to take inventory of your gear. Yeti can supply you with all the needed gear--less the food and drinks.

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Want a Deal on Fenix Flashlights? 20% Off Labor Day Sale

Fenix flashlights are the best on the market. When you are in a critical situation and need illumination, turn to Fenix.

Brand Spotlight

Lululemon Surge Jogger: Lightweight Men’s Pants Designed for Running

Having the perfect gear is imperative when jogging. The lululemon Surge Jogger Men's Pants provide comfort, design, and efficient cooling.

Brand Spotlight

Brooklyn Hot Dog Company: All-Natural and Super Tasty

Hotdogs are best known for containing questionable ingredients. The Brooklyn Hot Dog Company has tackled that head on for the health conscience.


Taylor Stitch Jack in the Army Everyday Oxford Shirt: Elegant/Long-Lasting

The Taylor Stitch Jack in the Army Everyday Oxford Shirt is that shirt you can wear year around. You get comfort, style, and function.