What’s to like about the Marine Layer Banks pullover hoodie:

  • Tri-blend sherpa fleece
  • Sustainably-sourced materials
  • Signature shoulder stripe
  • Three color options
  • Extra soft and comfortable
  • Standard fit

Even if your girlfriend is going to steal it in the end, investing in a well-designed hoodie is always a good idea. After all, hoodies are the clothing basics and a staple of everyday wear for men and women alike.

However, the cool-looking Marine Layer Banks pullover hoodie might be the best athleisure garment you’ll find this holiday season. It has a lot going for it, from durable materials to unrivaled softness. So, let’s check it out.


Founded in 2009 by Michael Natenshon, Marine Layer is a fashion label from San Francisco, California. The company focuses on super-comfy leisurewear and lounge attire, with a mission to ‘redefine softness.’

Every garment designed by Marine Layer oozes comfort and coziness while remaining a top-quality piece with maximum durability. The same goes for the Banks pullover hoodie, so I knew what to expect when the package arrived at my doorstep.


Before focusing on the actual Marine Layer Banks hoodie, I should explain why I find these urban uniforms a must-have. Even if we put the mysterious girls vs. hoodies dynamic aside, these go-to garments are synonymous with versatility, a laid-back vibe, and ultimate comfort.

The classic Champion hoodies conquered campuses worldwide, with many other brands following the well-trodden path and creating quality hoodies. A well-designed piece can be your faithful companion to any occasion, not only for lounging on the sofa. Here’s why the hoodie from Marine Layer ticks the boxes for a top-quality model.


Marine Layer offers three colors for this model: Heather Grey, Chocolate Brown, and Black Iris. I tested only the first one, so I’ll focus primarily on the Marine Layer Banks pullover hoodie in Heather Gray.

After wearing this hoodie for the first time, the top-notch softness and comfort left the biggest impressions. These elements are too hard to ignore, but they are not the only positive aspects I noticed about the Banks pullover hoodie. I’ll get to those in a moment.

Namely, I wanted to mention potential shortcomings, which are almost nonexistent with this model. However, the hefty price ranks the Banks hoodie among the most expensive everyday garments you could buy in 2022.


If you pick the right size, this hoodie will not give you that lazy, baggy look. Instead, the well-fitting Marine Layer Banks contours the body while offering sufficient room for arm movements.

In other words, you’ll get a sporty hoodie for the athletically inclined and avoid looking like a bag of potatoes if you opt for the Banks pullover hoodie.

As I said, I liked the colors, but I must mention the proprietary blue sunset shoulder stripe. This tri-colored detail breaks the monotony while adding width to the shoulders, making you look more muscular.


Even though most clothing brands jumped aboard the sustainability bandwagon, I must mention that Marine Layer also belongs to responsible manufacturers. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Banks pullover hoodie features a sustainably sourced Tri-Blend sherpa fleece.

The blend comprises 25% organic cotton, 68% recycled polyester, and 7% TENCEL Modal, a biodegradable fabric made from wood fibers.

Since Tencel Modal offers more breathability and softness than cotton, the Marine Layer Banks pullover hoodie takes the comfort game to the next level. In addition, the Tri-Blend sherpa fleece promises outstanding durability and resilience to wear and tear.


Outdoor-oriented hoodies can afford more ruggedness than indoor ones. And even though the Banks pullover hoodie is a versatile model, it doesn’t have quilted areas or reinforced shoulders for backpack carrying.

On the contrary, Marine Layer Banks hoodie focuses on offering maximum softness for lounging on the sofa and relaxing at home. Of course, this model will also work as a layering option for winter days or standalone protection against chilly mornings.

In any case, I noticed that this attention-grabbing hoodie adapts like a chameleon, reducing the need to change clothes every time you go out. For instance, you can wear it to the mall, for a stroll through the park, or to a doctor’s appointment. The Banks hoodie will handle anything you throw at it.


Judging by everything I’ve seen during the last couple of days, the classic Marine Layer Banks pullover hoodie is an absolute steal. I love it when style meets comfort because that’s how I know I’ll get the best bang from my wardrobe investments. Also, this cozy hoodie has a versatile aesthetic, making the Banks model a do-it-all hoodie for 2022 and beyond.