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Strider Carbon Fiber Bike

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This Strider Carbon Fiber Balance Bike is Built For Kids

If you’ve ever felt the need to drop $900 on a bike for your 4-year old, the Strider 12 ST-R will definitely do the job; it’s a limited-edition bike made from carbon fiber, with a Cane Creek AER headset, Carbon Fiber fork and steerer, a custom-forged alloy stem, 12” carbon fiber rims and Schwalbe Big Apple tires.

By Fast Eddie

Best Bike Shoe Covers For Winter

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How To Choose: The Best Bike Shoe Covers For Winter

For true cycling enthusiasts, winter is no obstacle; we find ways to get out on the road or trail even when the snow is falling and a layer of ice coats the ground. It may be difficult and a bit riskier, but it’s just as fun – provided your feet stay warm and dry. Bike shoe covers – also called bike overshoes – can help with that.

By Austin Leavitt

Walmart Viathon Carbon Bikes

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Walmart Makes High-End Bikes? Viathon Carbon Bikes

We were impressed when Walmart rolled out a carbon fiber bike for under $500 (even if the build quality is a little questionable). But now we’re really impressed, because they’re just revealed a new high-end bike line with models ranging from $2,300 to $6,000, and they're calling it Viathon. Oh boy.

By Austin Leavitt