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Best Mountain Bikes for 2020: Now is the Time to Get to the Outdoors

Giant Trance Advanced Pro Mountain Bike

No matter if you are a pro mountain biker or you just like to cruise through the local woods, it is vital to have a reliable two-wheeled steed by your side.

However, the modern-day bikes come in all shapes and sizes. On top of that, all sorts of manufacturers are displaying their products. So, how can you separate the best from the rest?

Well, this task will become much easier if you take a look at our list of the best mountain bikes. The following models come highly recommended, and they will dominate the market in 2020 and beyond.

Without further ado, let’s take a ride on these top-rated mountain bikes.

1.    YETI SB130 TLR

Yeti-SB130 Mountain BikesWe decided to start the list with a bike that can “rule them all.” Yes, the YETI SB130 TLR is designed both for Enduro and trail. In other words, it will take you over any terrain without a problem.

Yeti Cycles is an iconic Colorado-based brand, and their products are always on top of the list of the best bikes. What this means is that Yeti Cycles provides fine-tuned machines, capable of handling the uphill or downhill runs.

When it comes to the SB130, in particular, this model features 29-inch wheels. The fork is FOX 36 Factory GRIP2, which provides extra travel for the rear part of the bike. To be precise, the rear suspension has as much as 137mm of travel.

The drivetrain on this model is SRAM X01 Eagle, another high-quality component. All in all, the YETI SB130 TLR is bound to leave a positive impression on any user.

After all, the little details make the difference, and Yeti has put a lot of effort into getting everything as it should be. For instance, the super-comfortable saddle will absorb all bumps and reduce impacts.

The brakes are fantastic, and the entire bike feels lively and agile. In essence, the YETI SB130 TLR ticks all the boxes that a high-end model should tick in the first place.

2.    SCOTT Genius 900 Tuned

The next entry on our list of the best bikes for 2020 also exceeds expectations when it comes to the fun factor. After all, SCOTT is one of the leading brands when it comes to the cycling industry. And, the quality of the SCOTT Genius 900 Tuned continues down the well-trodden path.

SCOTT GENIUS 900 TUNED AXS BIKE Mountain BikeEven though it first appeared back in June 2017, the Genius is not outdated. On the contrary, this cool-looking machine will take you up the mountains in a flash. It will also bring you down safely and efficiently.

Same as the previous model on this list, this one also comes with 29-inch wheels. Yet, this speeding bullet includes several technologies that are exclusive to SCOTT. For instance, the proprietary Twinloc system features a small lever for adjusting the suspension.

The fork on this model is FOX36, and the brakes come from Shimano. All in all, SCOTT Genius 900 Tuned is a lightweight and resilient bike.

Due to its weight and well-balanced geometry, this mountain bike will fly down the hills. With that said, SCOTT Genius 900 Tuned is a bike that will make you work. The steering and the control of this machine are not as easy as they may seem. For that reason, we recommend this mountain bike to more experienced riders out there.

3.    Giant Trance Advanced Pro

Giant is another famous name in the cycling world. Even though the company started small back in 1972, they are now one of the leaders in the industry.

With that said, the Giant Trance Advanced Pro seems to be another high-quality product of their Giant Trance Advanced Proingenuity and creativity.

But before we get into the technical details, we should mention the elegant design of this bike. Yes, the bike features a trail-tuned chassis, but the sensual curves are breathtaking as well. On top of that, the fancy purple color will make the Trance stand out from the crowd at all times.

The latest iteration in the Trance series is a convincing and formidable model. For instance, the Advanced Pro comes with the SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain.

On the rear, you will get 115mm of travel. On the other hand, the front suspension offers 130mm of travel.

The wide handlebars make the bike look beefy and badass, despite its lovely paint job. Even so, the updated geometry of the Giant Trance Advanced Pro is where all the magic happens. The bike offers incredible acceleration, and the performance may exceed your expectations.

Yet, the price of this bike may deter some readers, as well as the lack of comfort. But, if you want to ride a thoroughbred, that’s the price you’ll have to pay.

4.    Orbea Occam M-Ltd

The next model on our list of the best mountain bikes will also force you to reach deep into your pocket. But it will all be worth it, no doubt about that. But why are we so confident?

Orbea Occam M-LtdWell, the jaw-dropping Orbea Occam M-Ltd is a bike that anyone would want in their garage. Of course, it wouldn’t stay in the garage for long. It would be a shame to keep it locked because this beast is made to rule the mountain slopes.

The balanced geometry of Orbea Occam will motivate you to pedal harder. Once you get on this bike, you will notice that the low center of gravity is ideal for speedy downhill rides.

On top of that, Orbea offers a range of customizations for the Occam M-Ltd. For example, paint jobs are available in a plethora of colors.

Likewise, you can choose between two configurations of the fork. Users can select the Fox 34 with 140mm of travel space, or they can go with the Fox 36 with 150mm.

The Shimano remote is direct and responsive, and the grips from Red Face will allow you to keep the bike under control.

But be warned! The Orbea Occam has a habit of flying like a missile. If you lack experience, the handling could cause problems. So, stay alert at all times when riding the Orbea Occam M-Ltd.

5.    Ibis Ripmo

Last but not least, we present you with a Californian-based company and its highly successful model. Ibis Cycles has a long-lasting presence in the business, and Ripmo is their do-it-all model.

What this means is that the versatile Ibis Ripmo can go up or down, slow or fast, long or short. InIbis Ripmo Mountain Bike essence, Ripmo has the DNA of a trail bike, but it will manage all sorts of terrain.

With that said, the light frame and the sporty rear make this model the perfect choice for an aggressive rider.

When it comes to technical aspects, we should mention the Traction Tune technology. Likewise, the DW-Link suspension is top-notch. The rear travel is limited to 145mm, and the front one offers up to 160mm of movement.

As with most other models on our list, you can build your personal Ibis Ripmo and customize all the features. Either way, the geometry of the Ripmo will stay the same, including the responsive handling.

Ibis Ripmo is an excellent all-rounder, and that is why it more than deserves a spot on the list of the best mountain bikes out there.


Finding the perfect bicycle is never an easy task, but our guide could point you in the right direction. After all, we took the time to examine the best models in full detail. So, check the characteristics of these two-wheeled beasts and go for the one that suits your cycling style.

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