Nespresso pods sure are convenient. We’ll even admit that they make some good coffee, even if all it took was the push of a button. But it’s important to realize that they’re also horribly inefficient and very wasteful. For every cup of coffee of coffee brewed and every espresso shot pulled, the aluminum and plastic just keep piling up. And if you ain’t recycling, all that plastic is going straight to a landfill. Well, Swedish brand Velosophy has found an innovative and creative use for all those old Nespresso pods. Just turn them into a bike.

Velosophy RECYCLE BIKE 2

Yes, for real. The Velosophy RE:CYCLE is an actual road bike made from recycled aluminum harvested from used Nespresso pods. Pretty cool, right? The retro-styled bike features a lightweight aluminum frame in the classic Arpeggio purple that is Espresso’s most popular pod flavor,  and also comes with mechanical disc brakes as well as Shimano Nexus 5-speed gearing and shifters. And it comes with a Scandinavian-designed, steam-bended oak basket with two coffee cup holders. The finishing touch is the bell on the handlebars, which comes molded in the shape of an Arpeggio capsule itself.


Gotta admit, the RE:CYCLE is one good-looking bike. You won’t be “tearing up” the pavement in it, but it is a great way to get around town and go out for coffee in style. The Velosophy RE:CYCLE is on sale now.