Key features:

  • Carries up to four bikes
  • Anti-sway technology
  • Patented swing-away system
  • Load capacity: 150 pounds
  • Integrated cable lock

As you probably know, Thule is the undisputed king of bike racks and carriers. After all, this prestigious Swedish company has been around ever since 1942. Throughout the years, Thule kept evolving into a high-class global brand…and we know it is important to have top-quality bike gear.

For that reason, we wanted to test the features of Thule Apex XT XL Swing Bike Rack. According to rumors, this should be one of the best bike carriers on the market. So, let’s check if that’s true.

Optimal bike positioning

First of all, we must take a closer look at the position of the bikes. Thule Apex XT is a hitch-mounted hanging-style rack, which means that the bikes do not go on a platform.

Instead, the cradles with rubber straps will grab the top tube of the bike and hold it in position. In this case, the spacing between bike frames is 7’’, which should be more than enough to reduce contact. So, no front wheel removal is required. You only need to raise the bike and “hang” it over the arms of the bike rack. After that, tighten the ratcheting cradle strap, and you are good to go!

Sturdy and robust frame

Thule Apex XT XL can carry up to four bikes. Thus, the frame itself needs to be as strong as possible. That is why Thule designed a sturdy bike rack with durable construction. In total, the weight of this unit is 42 pounds, which is a bit on the heavy side.

In return, this bike carrier offers a maximum load capacity of 150 pounds. What this means is that the recommended load per bike is around 35-40 pounds. At the same time, the Apex XT comes with a low-profile design. Thus, it will stay out of the view, and it will not interfere with your vision when driving in reverse.

Convenience and ease of use

Without a doubt, Thule knows how to make a high-end bike rack. In the case of Apex XT, Thule decided to throw in a host of premium features. For instance, this bike carrier comes with a patented swing-away system. So, you’ll be able to move the bikes to the side of the car and have direct access to the trunk. On top of that, this bike rack comes equipped with a tilt function.

As if that’s not enough, the Apex XT also comes with a Secure Tite stinger, which ensures safety and stability. Theft prevention mechanisms are also in place, together with tool-free installation.

Is it worth it?

If you are on the lookout for a reliable and durable bike carrier, Thule is the best choice. With that said, Thule Apex XT XL Swing Bike Rack is one of the flagships of their portfolio. Admittedly, this convenient and stylish carrier comes with a steep price tag. Nonetheless, the quality of the Apex XT is worth every penny.