Usually, when your kid wants a mountain bike, you start them out with something small and on the less expensive side. So they can learn the sport before investing big bucks into something higher end. By higher end, we mean like a pro carbon fiber downhill bike with a massive $7,000 price tag – like Steve Meek built for his sons with the new Meekboyz line.

Meekboyz: Pro Bikes for Pro Kids

Meekboyz Pro Bikes

Meekboyz claims to make the BEST downhill carbon bikes in the world…and while they certainly have some competition for that claim, they can certainly lay claim to the Best Carbon Bikes for Kids. The Meekboyz line – consisting of the 20-inch Mini Beast ($7,350), the 24-inch Beast ($7,850) and the 26” Mega Beast ($8,650) – was started after Meek’s two sons Rory and Toby got into high-level mountain biking at very young ages. At 8 years old, they had already outgrown all the full-suspension bikes their sizes just in terms of skill and capability…and something had to be done to find them bikes capable of the extremely technical, advanced-level riding they did.

So they made their own.

Special Kid-Ready Geometry

Each Meekboyz bike starts out with the highest quality components and engineering. Performance matters, even when you’re young…as does safety. To ensure that each Meekboyz bike is capable of the most authentic downhill ride possible, they also use a specially-designed geometry that puts the rear wheel just a little further out, better distributing weight and shock-absorption to create the perfect ride for smaller, lighter folks. These bikes don’t just handle rocky, rooty downhill biking. They chew it up.

High-End Price Tag


Meekboyz bikes do start at a whopping $7,350. That’s already a lot more expensive than most adult bikes, and perhaps way too much for a bike that growing kids won’t be able to use for long. But if your kid takes the sport seriously, this could be the ride they’re looking for.