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best cheap cigars 2018

9 Best Cheap Cigars that Actually Taste Good: Updated For 2022

Is there a such thing as cheap cigar that actually tastes good? Of course! While cheap cigars may not be your goal, that doesn’t mean you will have to break the bank. By cheap, we mean affordable, cigars that don’t cost an arm and a leg. And there is definitely no shortage of those.

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Best (And Most Popular) Whiskey Glasses for 2022

We take our whiskey pretty seriously here at Gear For Life. That's why we think you should only drink it out of one of these whiskey glasses.

Purtek Hiking Pole-2

PurTrek Put a Water Filter Inside a Hiking Pole–Pure Genius

PurTek does something brilliant--why hasn't someone invented this before? They combine a water filter and hiking pole into one piece of kit.

Best Kayaks On A Budget - And How To Pick one

6 Best Kayaks On A Budget – Selection Criteria

Kayaking doesn't have to be expensive to get into. To prove it, we've rounded up some of the 6 best kayaks out there for those of us on a budget, so you can break into kayaking without breaking the bank.

Corkcicle Cigar Glass
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Corkcicle Cigar Glass: A Whiskey Glass with a Cigar Holder Built In

Kooper Family Rye
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Kooper Family Whiskey Company makes one of the best rye whiskeys you’ve probably never heard of - Kooper Family Rye.

Greenbelly Meals Banner
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Greenbelly Backpacking Meals Review and Tasting: Ready for Your Bag

Packing food for overnight backpacking trips can be a challenge. How much food do you bring? How do you keep it fresh and prevent spoilage? And how much does it weigh? And let’s not even get started on thru-hiking, when you sometimes need to carry weeks’ worth of food all at once…


Steger Mukluks Really are the Warmest Boots In The World

Steger claims the Mukluks they make the warmest boots in the world. Is it true?

Strider Carbon Fiber Bike

This Strider Carbon Fiber Balance Bike is Built For Kids

If you’ve ever felt the need to drop $900 on a bike for your 4-year old, the Strider 12 ST-R will definitely do the job.

Carbon Steel Cookware
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Carbon Steel Cookware Might Be Just What You are Looking For

We all know how awesome cast iron cookware is (right?). But carbon steel cookware has yet to really catch on – at least in-home kitchens