The benefits of wearing a helmet while riding your bike down a rowdy trail far outweigh the cons, if there are any. Experienced riders know head injuries can be life-threatening, not to mention that a nasty fall without a helmet can end your MTB career.

Yet, not all MTB helmets are the same, and some provide better protection than others. Also, the prices can vary from one model to the other.

So, to help you find the best MTB helmets for an affordable price, we scoured the market and reviewed many models finding these five contenders. Therefore, let’s cut to the chase and see how these top bike helmets behave in action.


These days, head-protective gear combines modern technologies with time-tested designs. Composite materials go through rigorous testing, offering excellent performances for relatively low costs. Well, MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet is one such model, and it well deserves a spot among the best.

Namely, this MTB helmet features a Hindbrain all-inclusive design. In other words, the rear part of this model will cover the nape of your neck and provide ultimate coverage. Plus, the multi-density EPS foam is both durable and flexible. Yet, MOKFIRE did not equip this model with the well-known MIPS system.

Over the years, MIPS technology climbed to the top of the industry, offering unrivalled protection against rotational brain movement. Nevertheless, MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet is worth the investment because it combines many other features. For instance, it will let you mount a GoPro camera and record your adventures on the trail.

MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet features 15 large air vents. Therefore, you can expect top-drawer breathability when wearing this model. Likewise, a detachable visor offers excellent protection against the sun’s rays. The so-called Dial-Fit retention system allows for an effortless adjustment and complete comfort.

Best of all, MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet comes with a USB-charged tail light. With three operational modes, this lamp will increase visibility when riding your two-wheeled steed during the night. You can set it to the constant-light mode or switch between slow and fast flashes.


Since we already mentioned MIPS-equipped helmets, it’s time to present you with one. The compact Bell Nomad MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet also comes at an affordable price. Therefore, any aspiring MTB rider should add this item to the collection.

Bell Nomad’s helmet features a fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell. This technology bonds the EPS foam liner with the outer shell, creating a uniformed body that can sustain heavy impact. Plus, premium materials provide this helmet with ultimate durability and sturdiness.

Like all MIPS helmets, the one from Bell Nomad will give top-quality protection against brain injuries. In case you are not familiar with the name, MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. In essence, helmets with this system come equipped with a slip-plane technology that moves 10-15mm in all directions, reducing rotational movement.

Ergonomic and lightweight, Bell Nomad MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet also offers excellent breathability. Air circulation provided by 15 vents with internal channelling should keep you cool at all times.

Thanks to its trail-specific design, this helmet can help you tackle challenging hills and experience fresh adventures. It also comes with quick-adjust fasteners that you can easily connect while wearing gloves. Therefore, Bell Nomad MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet offers excellent value for money for recreational and semi-pro riders.


The next entry on our list comes from an acclaimed American company. What’s more, Smith has been around since 1965, creating sunglasses and goggles renowned for their exquisite design. Well, bike helmets are also their specialty, and Smith Venture MIPS Bike Helmet ticks all boxes for being one of the best.

As expected, the polycarbonate shell provides ample back-of-head coverage while remaining ultra-lightweight. Precisely, this helmet weighs only 12 ounces, making it one of the lightest in the current market. Nevertheless, it comes with X-STATIC pads that offer superior comfort.

Likewise, Smith Venture MIPS Bike Helmet features a VaporFit adjustable cooling system. In other words, 20 optimized vents will disperse heat and keep you cool on the trail. Plus, the so-called Air Evac ventilation system sends the warm air away from the face, preventing any fog formation in the goggles. With that said, we should also mention the integrated visor that comes with this MTB helmet.

Most importantly, Smith Venture integrates advanced MIPS technology. This low-friction layer absorbs energy and reduces rotational movement. Thus, MIPS-equipped helmets are a must-have for any MTB enthusiast.


Now we move on to something different, something for enduro and downhill riders. The reasonably priced Leatt 4.0 MTB Cycling Helmet will meet the needs of almost any user. After all, Leatt is famous for producing high-quality cycling equipment.

The fourth generation of this helmet features an aggressive, full-face design. As such, this helmet is perfect for challenging trails. Likewise, it could offer much-needed protection to beginners and novice riders. The sturdy polymer compound works in a combo with EPS and EPO foams to guard your head against any severe injuries.

Unlike many other models on the market, Leatt 4.0 does not feature a MIPS layer. Instead, Leatt uses a proprietary 360 Turbine Technology. This system mimics the performances of MIPS protection, reducing the effects of rotational movement.

Even though the Leatt 4.0 MTB Cycling Helmet has a full-face design, it provides ultimate breathability. Moreover, 22 vents offer plenty of airflow because of their strategic positioning all around the head. Also, a removable vent mouthpiece will help you grab some fresh air without inhaling too many flies or mosquitos.

On the upper area of the helmet, you’ll find a visor with a breakaway function. Thus, the risk of injuries becomes even smaller, thanks to this neat detail. We should also add that Leatt 4.0 features a magnetic closure system. No matter if you are wearing gloves, you should have no problems with closing the straps and securing the helmet.


Finally, we come to MTB helmet with an aesthetic that comes straight out of fantasy novels and video games. The name KINGBIKE Ultralight is also attractive and demands respect, making this helmet one of the most exciting additions to the market in 2021.

Of course, this model also comes with a polycarbonate shell and an EPS liner. Yet, the innovative design makes KINGBIKE’S Ultralight helmet as light as the MTB helmets get. To be precise, it weighs only 0.49 lbs, hence the name Ultralight.

The list of features included in this model is extensive, and it starts a bright rear light with three operational modes. Also, you’ll get a detachable visor and adjustable chin strap. Then again, the standout feature of KINGBIKE Ultralight comes in the form of 24 vents. As expected, these openings provide lots of airflow, regulating temperature with ease.

No matter if you ride your MTB in the city or down steep hills, KINGBIKE Ultralight will leave an impression on the audience. The eye-catching design earns top marks, but the protection provided by this helmet is also up there with the best. Best of all, it comes in many colors and at a budget-friendly price.