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Subaru’s VIZIV Adrenaline Concept Is Aggressively Hot

Subaru Viziv Adrenaline Concept

Subaru has been teasing VIZIV concepts for a few years (the name comes from the phrase “vision for innovation). Concept models varied widely through this time, though each was built around built around some existing hybrid/crossover model, such as the Hybrid Tourer. At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, they revealed the seventh rendition of the series – the VIZIV Adrenaline. And it looks sweet.

At first glance, the VIZIV Adrenaline looks something like a sleeker Crosstrek – a bigger, beefier one, with a jacked-up ride, bolder angles and a more futuristic tilt. In Subaru’s own words, showcases the brand’s new “Bolder” design, which will be replacing the Dynamic x Solid architecture they’re currently using on their vehicles. All we know, is that it looks sweet. Flared fenders, a contrasting, metallic-looking roof, center-lock wheels with huge arches, and rear-dual exhaust all contribute to its aggressive appearance – which just looks built for offroading.

As it just a concept car, we have no real idea what might be underneath that hood. We don’t even know if there is ANYTHING underneath that hood. Previous VIZIV concepts have used some kind of electric hybrid engine, but this car may never actually hit production. Instead, expect to see elements and design used in future Subaru’s – like on the Crosstrek. As Subaru recently launched a plug-in CrossTrek Hybrid, we may never need this car – but is sure is fun to look at.

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