Riders do extensive research and pay proper attention while purchasing their bike. But when it comes to buying the dirt bike riding gear, they usually tend to overlook some crucial safety considerations. Factors like budget & time overpower the purpose of purchasing the right gear. 

Here are some common mistakes riders make while purchasing their riding gear. Read on so that you don’t commit these and get the best value for your money. 

Mistake #1: Confusion & lack of research

The first inevitable requirement in Motocross Racing is an optimized gear. Cheap or low-quality gear can limit your movement and affect your performance. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the gear you’re purchasing. For example, the riding gloves‘ grip must not be damaged, the closing mechanism, finger movement range, and other protective measures must be properly checked.

But beginners usually buy the dirt bike gear recommended by their peers and skip the research. Doing your own research lets you understand each gear’s functioning as well as importance and allows you to make informed decisions to maximize your overall riding performance.

Mistake #2: Purchasing a low quality or poor fitted helmet

Accidents are common in Dirt Racing, so are head injuries. Therefore, a high-quality well-fitted helmet should be on top of your priority list. You can’t expect your helmet to provide optimum protection against mishaps if it doesn’t fit well in the first place. 

Riders tend to buy poorly fitted or low quality for various reasons, like “It will adjust later” or “It’s a great deal!”. While these statements make sense to many, but it is important to avoid any helmet that does not fit perfectly. Manufacturers develop helmets to provide protection to the right-sized rider. 

A loose helmet will fail to protect your head during the impact. Moreover, a tight helmet can cause serious headaches, increasing the risk of biting your tongue or cheek upon crashing.

If you are confused about how a helmet should fit, we advise you to do your research or just request assistance in the store. Several websites offer a size chart to ensure you order the right helmet size. 

Mistake #3: Ignoring riding boots

Not purchasing good riding boots is one of the most common mistakes beginners make. They tend to invest a large chunk of their money in buying expensive jerseys and other styling gear and ignore the value of high-quality riding boots.

Like the helmet,
motocross boots are an indispensable part of your safety gear. High-quality Motocross boots give you the required padding and strong support to withstand the unavoidable sudden twists & impacts of the track. Boots protect your feet from getting severe injuries that could bench you on the sidetrack.

Mistake #4: Purchasing ill-fitted gear

While racing, you must focus on the trail, not adjusting your dirt bike gear. An ill-fitted gear can divert your attention & performance and let your competitors take the edge.

For instance, long pants can cause severe pain while riding if they’re tucked inside the boots. Similarly, tight pants leave no space for knee pads. Moreover, a tight jersey won’t let you wear a chest protector. 

This highlights the significance of purchasing well-fitted riding gear to ensure more comfort, mobility, and safety.

Mistake #5: Ignoring the additional Safety Gear

Considering the risks and adventures involved, additional protection in Motocross racing always goes a long way. Unfortunately, many riders usually cut corners on extra safety gear.

To ensure absolute safety, it would best to invest in additional safety gear such as:

  • Body armor consisting of an armored vest and back protector.
  • Goggles for maximum eye protection & track visibility.
  • Earplugs for hearing protection.

Safety gear isn’t just a fancy accessory. A high quality, well-fitted biking gear ensures a safe riding experience and enhances your performance. Ensure you remember these points to buy the right riding gear that suits your body and budget.