What’s to like about Wilderness Systems Kayak Krate:

  • Durable, blow-molded plastic
  • Long-lasting waterproof finish
  • Two separate storage compartments
  • 4x built-in rod holders
  • Universal lash-down points
  • Spacious interior: 29 liters

Anglin adventures and paddling excursions without adequate gear sometimes turn into nightmares. For instance, having a dependable storage system will help you stay organized, and it will keep your equipment within reach at all times.

So, we scoured the web to find the best crates for kayak anglers, discovering that the robust Wilderness Systems Kayak Krate reigns supreme in this market segment.

We also tested it for a couple of days to see how it behaves in flatwater conditions and choppy waters. Here’s what we learned.


If you are unfamiliar with the name, we should say a few words about the company. After all, Wilderness Systems Kayaks have been around since 1986. This American brand manufactures its products in South Carolina, shipping the goods globally.

Aside from high-end kayaks, Wilderness Systems also chase perfection when designing paddling accessories and related gear. For example, the award-winning Kayak Krate illustrates the company’s philosophy and shows what this brand is all about.


Buying the ideal storage unit to fit the kayak’s tankwell and store your angling gear can be tricky, given the abundance of models and options on the market.

Yet, if you follow our guidelines and consider the elements below, you’ll have no problems separating the best from the rest.


First, inspect the shape and size to ensure your gear and other essentials fit into the container. Likewise, it’s essential to check whether the crate will fit into the open deck space on your kayak. So, before moving any forward, take a ruler and measure everything.


The second aspect to consider relates to the overall build quality, predominantly the materials. If the manufacturer skimps on the components, the crate will be flimsy and of inferior quality. Therefore, double-check the materials to find the most durable kayak crates and get a lifelong traveling companion.


Almost all outdoor gear has a multi-practical side. The same applies to kayak storage units, which typically feature several built-in rod holders. Others come with multiple compartments and adjustable pockets. So, inspect these extras to find the best kayak crate for your needs and preferences.


Last but not least, aspiring kayak anglers and watersports enthusiasts should check the price to value ratio. After all, overpaying for a storage unit you rarely use is not a savvy decision. On the other hand, spending a few dollars extra on a high-quality kayak accessory will be a worthwhile investment for passionate anglers.


Nowadays, kayak crates and storage units come in three forms: hard-sided, soft-sided, and milk crates. As you can see, the sturdy box from Wilderness Systems is a hard-sided kayak crate with a protective lid and multiple rod holders.

For that reason, this model is a bit pricier than most. Then again, this feature-rich storage container will provide unrivaled protection and keep the water at bay even if you capsize.

And, of course, this kayak crate requires no assembly. Cleaning and maintenance are also as effortless as they get. Since it has a water-resistant coating, you can even hose this storage unit and clean everything without problems.


We already said that Wilderness Systems has decades of experience, so it’s not surprising to see this brand manufacturing high-quality gear for kayaking and other paddling sports. Notably, Wilderness Systems goes to great lengths to ensure the premium quality of the materials used in their products.

For instance, the durable Kayak Krate storage unit features blow-molded polyethylene, i.e., a heavy-duty plastic coated with a waterproof finish. This no-nonsense material will survive plenty of wear and tear, providing peace of mind as you reel in one big catch after another.


Another area where Wilderness Systems Kayak Krate earns top points is the storage capacity. More precisely, this entire unit offers 29 liters of volume. On top of that, Wilderness Systems divided the storage space into two separate areas, the main one and the one in the lid.

The secondary lid storage is ideal for smaller items and essentials. On the other hand, the spacious primary compartment offers plenty of room for beer cans and ice. Of course, it will hold your angling gear and other equipment safe and sound as you search for the best spots.

The exterior dimensions of the Wilderness Systems Kayak Krate are 18 x 12.25 x 13.25 (L x W x D). As a result, the interior can fit up to five Plano 3700 or ten Plano 3600 boxes.


Overall, the hard-sided Wilderness Systems Kayak Krate weighs 10 pounds 14.4 ounces, making it one of the heaviest kayak storage units. Nonetheless, this model offers excellent usability and functionality, primarily because it comes with several extras to make your day on the water more effective.

For example, it features universal lash-down points to hold the storage unit in place. Likewise, this model has 4x built-in rod holders for hassle-free angling adventures.

You can tilt the adjustable holders to get a better angle. In addition, Wilderness Systems Kayak Krate comes with brackets for raising the rod holders’ positions to fit the unit into narrow tankwells.


If you are in the market for sleek and sophisticated tankwell storage, the sturdy and dependable Wilderness Systems Kayak Krate could be the ideal choice. This water-resistant, blow-molded unit offers two separate storage compartments, including a spacious main area for all your fishing gear. You open it by using two rubber bungee balls on the front.

Unlike the traditional milk crates or soft-sided kayak crates, this storage unit is rock solid, secure, and adjustable. So, if fishing is your cup of tea, this accessory will make everything even more enjoyable.