We’ve followed and covered the e-bike revolution with great zeal over the past few years. While manually-propelled bikes will never go out of style, there is clearly a place for e-bikes in the everyday – especially for commuting. But all those cool models we’ve shared have just taken a back seat in our minds, as we’ve just discovered our new favorite e-bike: the Nua Electrica, a titanium commuter bike that is whisper-silent and self-charges – so you never need to plug it in.

Lightweight, Streamlined E-Bike

Most e-bikes are bulky things. They often have to be to accommodate the battery and electric components. But the Electrica is slim, minimalist and elegant – virtually indistinguishable from your analog commuter. Barcelona-based Nua uses titanium to craft the frame, keeping weight down to about 18 pounds at it’s lightest configuration. Lighter than most traditional bikes, let alone e-bikes.

This lightweight, unbulky design is possible thanks to a Zehus Bike+ motor-and-battery combo, a streamlined hub containing all the necessary tech. This is paired with a Gates belt drive – simple and maintenance-free.

There’s no display on the handlebars, though you can connect your phone in order to monitor stats and battery life. This further streamlines the build and keeps your eyes on the road. At full electric assist power, it has a range of 18 miles. Switch to self-charging mode (via regenerative braking) and that range increases to infinite.

With a carbon belt drive, Sugino Pista crankset, Mavic wheels, and Gilles Berthoud saddle rounding it out, the Nua Electrica is a fixed-gear commuter’s dream. The one thing it isn’t is cheap; you can expect to spend just over $4,000 on this gorgeous piece of electric-assist bikework.

For an elegant ride handmade in Barcelona, we wouldn’t expect any less.


Nua-Electrica-E-bike-2 Nua-Electrica-E-bike-3 Nua-Electrica-E-bike-4 Nua-Electrica-E-bike-5