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Instaprivy _portable_camping_toilet

InstaPrivy: Want A Portable Camping Toilet? Try This One For Size

Relieving yourself in the wild can be anything but fun. It’s usually not something we talk about…and when it is, it’s usually out of disdain or awkward discomfort.


Best Swissgear Backpacks (and Other Luggage) For 2019: Work, Travel, Play

We all know the classic Swiss Army Knife – the iconic red multitool that MacGyver fans grew up in their back pockets.  

Fenix HM65R Rechargeable Headlamp

Fenix HM65R Rechargeable Headlamp: A Game Changer at 1400 Lumens

The Fenix HM65R Rechargeable Headlamp is not your run-of-the-mill, checkout headlamp. The HM65R is designed for the gear head who wants performance and reliability. You have the ability to drop to 8 Lumens for an amazing 300 hours or jump to an unbelievable 1400 Lumens.

BTR Stool Hero Image

The BTR Stool: Better Than A Rock. Now On Kickstarter

The BTR Stool, from Vancouver-based Hillsound Equipment, is the most high-tech stool to grace the camping scene in a while. 

Switchback Ultra Sleeping Pad

NEMO Switchback Ultralight Aims to Disrupt Sleeping Pad Game

Sleeping pads generally come in one of two styles – inflatable or accordion foam, the more traditional and classic of the two.

Essential Packrafting Gear 2019

Essential Packrafting Gear 2019: What You Need To Get On The Water….

Packrafting is the hot new thing in outdoor adventures. Here's the lowdown on the gear you need to pack before embarking on your next packrafting trip...

Best Maxpedition Backpack 2019

The Round Up: The Best Maxpedition Backpack 2019

Why Get a Maxpedition Backpack?That's easy to answer - because they are - and always have been -  a top brand in tactical gear.

Omniblade MultiTool Teryx

We All Need The Omniblade 5-in-1 Camping/Hunting/Survival Multi-Tool

While knives can certainly come in handy…they don't offer the same sheer versatility as the OmniBlade.

Snow Peak Dog Cot

Bring Your Dog Camping In Comfort With Snow Peak’s Dog Cot

We’ve seen some pretty comfortable and cozy beds for the canine companion to sleep in on your next backpacking trip, but this one might be the most enticing; a cot for them to sleep on, aptly named – the Dog Cot.

Lixada Titanium Cookware Set Backpacking

Titanium Cookware for Backpacking? You Bet!

With great weather upon us, and the hiking/backpacking season coming up quick, it’s time to start dusting off the gear and making sure the kit is in tip-top shape.