If you revisit the childhood memory folder, the chances are you’ll find a couple of experiences with lousy tents. Snapping poles or cramped quarters are frustrating and annoying, killing the joy and making you want to go back to the city as soon as possible.

However, a quality tent will solve these issues and provide a pleasant and comfortable experience no matter where you decide to break camp. So, if you are in the market for a new tent, let’s check out the top ten camping tents money can buy.


We have spent hours analyzing and testing various-sized tents to separate the best from the rest. In essence, we used the following checklist to evaluate the top-rated camping tents in 2022.


Although many tents are versatile and flexible, most focus on one activity or provide room for a specific number of people. So, to find the most suitable camping tents for your needs, think of how many people will sleep inside and then use this number as the reference point. For example, we also checked whether the tent allows for standing up inside.


Closely related to the previous point are the aspects of comfort and usability. Namely, we all want functional and user-friendly tents with plenty of pockets and compartments to store away camping gear and EDC essentials. Also, we checked for the number of doors, vestibule design, and many other elements related to staying in a tent for an extended period.


Frequent camping expeditions will leave their mark on any tent, so choosing a model with high-quality materials is essential. Likewise, the wear and tear might be less pronounced if you opt for a tent with well-designed and sturdy construction.

For that reason, we double-checked all fabrics, zippers, and carry bags to find the most durable camping tents out there.


Admittedly, top-rated camping tents can get pricey, but most of those models are worth every penny. However, not all tents out there come at a reasonable price. So, that’s why we evaluated this element when looking for the best tents for camping in 2022 and beyond.


To start our list of the best camping tents in style, we visited an iconic brand. Coleman has been around for more than 120 years and left a mark on the American lifestyle. Coleman’s lineup includes coolers, portable grills, stoves, and sleeping bags. Also, tents and canopies are on the menu, and we present the awe-inspiring Coleman Octagon 98 with Full Fly.

This model features an eight-sided design, offering loads of room for campers and their belongings. The interior will let you place two queen-sized air beds or eight sleeping bags. Only a handful of camping tents can compete with Coleman Octagon 98 regarding sleeping space. The center height of 6 feet 10 inches provides plenty of headroom and allows you to walk around comfortably.

Speaking of walking, we should mention that this large camping tent has two doors, allowing entry for either side. And even though the Octagon 98 provides so much space, the setup is a breeze, and it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. The steel poles are sturdy and durable, while the color-coded attachments help with the setup.

In addition, Coleman Octagon 98 comes equipped with plenty of pockets and compartments to boost functionality and usability. For instance, you’ll get two storage pockets with cup holders, a removable privacy wall, and a mesh roof.


Since our list covers every camper’s needs, we’ll introduce something opposite to the previous model. In other words, the small-sized ALPS Mountaineering Helix is a 1-person tent ready to be your loyal companion on any outdoor adventure.

If you are unfamiliar with the company, we should mention that ALPS is another renowned North American brand oriented towards outdoor gear. They have been around since 1993, so they know a thing or two about how to make high-quality tents, sleeping bags, daypacks, or even camping chairs.

The Helix is a free-standing, 3-pole camping tent with a lightweight aluminum structure. It’s one of the lightest you’ll find in 2022. Plus, the construction allows for extra-quick assembly. The pole clips easily snap over the tent poles, offering full coverage and maximum protection.

ALPS Mountaineering Helix features a 20D 380T ripstop nylon fly with UV protection and sealed seams for water resistance. Also, the mesh walls provide maximum breathability and ventilation. Even though Helix is a compact tent for mountaineering, it has a vestibule for gear storage and weather protection. But, of course, you’ll also get storage pockets on the interior. Best of all, the travel-friendly ALPS Mountaineering Helix weighs only around 3 pounds.


\Late starts don’t always have to be a problem, and the third entry on our list will illustrate this point. After all, Kelty Later Start 4 comes from a company founded in 1952. Kelty is a fun, playful brand focused on creating inspiring gear for outdoor activities.

So, the fourth iteration of the cool-looking Late Start tent is all about fast deployment and lightning-fast assembly. Since it features the innovative Kelty Quick-Corner technology, this 1-door tent will be ready in no time. Kelty Later Start is available in three models: 1-, 2-, or 4-person tent.

Thanks to pre-bent poles, Kelty Late Start will provide plenty of interior living space, regardless of which model you choose. This 3-season tent features a full-coverage waterproof rainfly. The durable 68D polyester makes for durable and resilient floor material.

Kelty Late Start weighs around 6 pounds in the 4-person version, making it a lightweight option for camping, backpacking, or mountaineering. Even though it has only one door, this tent’s vestibule is spacious and fully functional. Therefore, if you need a beginner-friendly camping tent, Kelty Late Start could be right up your alley.


If the previous two models on our list of the best tents for camping felt crowded and claustrophobic, the next should change all that. The recently introduced Aurora from NEMO Equipment offers more than vibrant colors, and we are primarily talking about the vertical walls that provide a massive interior space.

Yes, like most brands on our list, NEMO Equipment sells various outdoor products, such as tents, sleeping bags, pillows, or sleeping pads. However, Aurora attracts the most attention with its striking colors and innovative design. This model features two roll-back doors and two vestibules for easy access and ample gear storage.

Likewise, NEMO Equipment Aurora has an included footprint for extra living space and added durability. There’s even the option of attaching the Pawprint cover with built-in snaps and having your four-legged friends in the tent as well.

Thanks to its strutted vents, the versatile Aurora backpacking tent provides excellent air circulation. On top of that, this model features plenty of mesh surfaces for increased ventilation. NEMO Equipment Aurora also offers various storage options in the interior, from overhead light pockets to side pockets for smartphones and camping essentials.


As a part of Johnson Outdoors Inc., Eureka! Tent Company offers high-quality camping tents, chairs, tables, and cots. Believe it or not, Eureka goes back to 1895, when the company produced wagon covers, horse blankets, and flags.

Nowadays, Eureka’s tents are among the best out there, especially the versatile Copper Canyon LX model. This 4-person tent will meet most families’ needs because it provides plenty of room and many practical features. Best of all, it comes at an affordable price, making Copper Canyon LX the best budget-friendly tent for camping in 2022.

Although it has near-vertical walls, this tent is easy to assemble. Moreover, a 1-person setup shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, given the pole sleeve corner hubs and quick clips. Eureka opted for 75D 190T polyester taffeta for the rainfly fabric, and you’ll find the same material on the inner walls and the floor.

Overall, it’s hard to find flaws with this 4-person tent. The only potential downside is the lack of a second door. However, Copper Canyon LX makes up for this flaw by offering two storage pockets and two gear hammocks. In addition, the extended fly coverage provides extra protection near the door and keeps the entryway dry at all times.


The previous model came in a 4-person version, so let’s continue at the same pace. The following contender for the title of the best camping tent comes from Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), an outdoor co-op founded in 1938. More precisely, we present the Grand Hut, a 4-person tent that will impress anyone.

With its freestanding design and a rectangular floor plan, this tent is an ideal option for car camping. The Grand Hut is a 3-season model with two D-shaped doors and a peak height of 75 inches. In total, it weighs approximately 14 pounds, which falls within the mid-range category of modern camping tents.

Besides 59.7 square feet of interior space, the Grand Hut 4-person tent also offers 35 square feet in the vestibule area. Thus, your muddy boots and other camping gear will always stay protected from the elements.

Another exciting feature of the advanced REI Grand Hut tent is the chimney effect created by adjustable high vents in the rainfly. As a result, the air circulates, reducing the condensation and improving breathability. Meanwhile, bug-proof mesh walls will let you enjoy the view without sacrificing privacy and wind protection.


Okay, now it’s time to bring out the big guns. The globally recognized North Face brand needs no introduction, and we’ll not waste your time by going through the company’s history. Instead, we’ll focus on the third generation of Assault FUTURELIGHT, a high-quality 3-person tent.

As expected, the new Assault takes the game to the next level by introducing 100% recycled materials, internal pitching, and breathable fabric. The proprietary FUTURELIGHT formula features a durable 3L laminate material with a water-repellent finish.

The overall weight of The North Face Assault 3 camping tent is around 6.5 pounds, while the floor area amounts to 36.88 square feet. Yet, the Assault’s qualities excel when you take it high into the mountains because this summit-proven tent can go with you to the highest peaks.

Notably, the feather-light Easton Syclone carbon fiber poles are as lightweight as tent poles get. At the same time, these resilient elements will survive almost any winds you throw at them. The North Face is a company with a massive climbing experience, and they know how to make the perfect tent for alpinists or climbers.

For instance, we didn’t yet mention the easy-pitching X-pole design and the escape-hatch back door. The Assault 3 mountaineering tent also provides plenty of tabs for hanging your gear and drying lines.


We already talked about ALPS Mountaineering, but this company is so good at tent-making that they deserve another place on our list. The first model was a compact 1-person tent. So, this time we’ll talk about a massive two-room model for the entire family.

ALPS offers a broad catalog of tents for camping and backpacking, but the spacious Camp Creek provides, arguably, the most living space. The total floor area is 120 square feet, while the central height is 84 inches. Speaking of measurements, we should mention that Camp Creek weighs around 31 pounds.

Cabin-style tents are ideal for larger groups, such as families or friends. So, if you plan one such camping adventure, the spacious Camp Creek provides ample room thanks to its near-vertical walls. In the middle, the wall divider separates the living areas, while the two doors provide a layer of privacy.

Although it has a small vestibule, the roomy Camp Creek two-room tent earns top marks for functionality and practicality. Two mesh shelves provide loads of storage space for essentials, while six windows improve ventilation. Of course, the 75D polyester fly has a UV coating for extra protection.


Again, we’ll be revisiting old friends, and this time we included another lightweight camping tent from NEMO Equipment. Available as a 2- or 3-person model, the eye-catching Dagger Porch is an improved version of the famous Dagger backpacking tent.

Given that the Dagger Porch combines two tents, it’s not surprising to see it offering plenty of living space. As the name implies, the alcove at the front is massive, and it can fit two camping chairs and loads of other camping gear. This pole-supported vestibule also operates as an excellent shield from rain or sun.

Aside from the spacious porch, this tent also features two doors and a small rear vestibule. The pre-bent Featherlite poles hold everything together, while the color-coded poles help with the setup. For instance, matched webbing is also there to speed up the assembly.

The cozy Dagger Porch comes equipped with many practical features, such as overhead light pockets and gear compartments in every corner. So, you’ll have more than enough storage space for your items. Interestingly, NEMO Equipment provides a convenient Divvy sack for this camping tent, meaning you can share the load with a partner thanks to the dual-stage bag design.


Finally, we came to the last entry on our list, so we decided to go big. After all, Marmot is another iconic outdoor brand with a rich history and a broad portfolio. More precisely, the company has been around since 1971.

So, we looked into Marmot’s catalog and stumbled upon Marmot Halo, an awe-inspiring 6-person tent. Thanks to its innovative structure, this model offers tons of space. The Halo tent has two doors: a smaller D-shaped and an oversized double door. In any case, you’ll have no problems getting in and out.

Overall, the Halo provides 96.9 square feet of living space. The peak height is 75.5 inches, while the entire package weighs around 20 pounds. So, despite its size, the Marmot Halo 6-person tent can be an ideal option for car camping and spending time in nature with friends and family.

This tent comes with color-coded clips and poles and jingle-free nylon zippers. The 100% polyester fly is durable and water-resistant. Likewise, the seam-taped floor prevents leakage and keeps the interior dry at all times. For example, a neat detail is the light-reflective points to help with visibility during camp nights.


And there you have it, the best tents for camping, hunting, or fishing in 2022. The tough competition makes it tricky to declare a winner, and each of these models deserves the praise it gets.

However, most will agree that Coleman Octagon 98 or The North Face Assault 3 are the best in their categories. Either way, you’ll never regret buying any of the tents on this list because we included only the elite.