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We All Need The Omniblade 5-in-1 Camping/Hunting/Survival Multi-Tool

Omniblade MultiTool Teryx

Every outdoorsman needs a trusty blade – whether that means a simple pocketknife just to begin or a full-fledged outdoor axe that can fell trees (with a bit of work). But while those tools can certainly come in exceedingly handy in several situations…none of them offer the same sheer versatility as the OmniBlade – a hefty 5-in-1 tool currently raising tons of money on Kickstarter.

Omniblade: 5-in-1 Survival Multi-Tool

The OmniBlade is definitely something we haven’t seen before: a single tool combining a tomahawk-style hatchet, a full-tang kukuri machete, a closed-guard utility knife and a 7” crosscut handsaw all into one single tool, with a multi-purpose cross guard and hammer in the hilt.

A large, unwieldy tool – but legit, nonetheless.

As for materials? This beast of a tool is made from hardened steel. For the first $10k in Kickstarter funding, it was a 429J2 machete grade steel. But when they reached $12.5k in funding, they upgraded that to a 420HC steel for all models; higher-carbon content, sharper edges and better corrosion resistance, but the same price for all involved. And thanks to the $15k+ of backing they’ve received, each Omniblade will come with 18” of paracord as well as handle wrapping instructions.

The Omniblade’s next goal is to reach $20k, at which point they will personally thank every single customer on their Youtube channel and start a drawing for awarding more cool stuff.

On Kickstarter Now

Want to add one of these unique, beastly tools to your own outdoor arsenal? The Omniblade is currently pledging for as little as $60 on Kickstarter. It’s 23” long and weighs a hefty 29 ounces…so be warned: this isn’t an EDC tool.

For survival situations and bushcrafting, however…it might just be the tool to take your arsenal to the next level.

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