A pillow might not seem like the most necessary piece of equipment when you’re going backpacking or even just car camping, but it can really come in quite handy. Many of us are perfectly comfortable just using our pack or rolled up jacket as one, but sometimes the comfort of an actual pillow is called for – and can make your nights in the backcountry that much more comfortable. In those cases, opt for a Sea To Summit Aeros Pillow. This inflatable pillow can turn even the roughest of backcountry experiences into something comfortable, and maybe even a tad luxurious.

When packed, it’s roughly the size of “half a small paperback book,” or a sandwich, so you can stuff it inside your pack without worry. When inflated, it’s a soft yet firm piece of comfort for you to rest your head on and get a good night’s sleep. Inflation is quick, requiring less than 5 full breaths to pump it up, and you can get it ready (or deflate it) in less than one minute.

The outside is a brushed 50d polyester knit, soft and plush enough for sleeping, while the inside is filled with a synthetic fill for extra comfort and loft. It’s even moisture-wicking to keep your sweat from cooling you down. Sea to Summit also designed it to maximize comfort; the curved internal baffles are there to “cradle your head” while the “scalloped” bottom edge is there to center the pillow around your shoulders, which is helpful when you may need to sleep in an upright or slightly elevated position.

Does it seem like a lot of money to drop on a pillow? Yeah, it does. But the importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be understated, even in the backcountry. If finding comfort is starting to drag down your trips, the Aeros Pillow might be the piece of gear you’re missing.

Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow