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What’s to like about the NEMO Forte sleeping bag:

  • Spacious and roomy design
  • NEMO’s proprietary Classic Spoon shape
  • Primaloft RISE insulation
  • Maximum warmth retention and insulation
  • Thermo Gills for ventilation
  • Full-length double-slider zipper
  • NERO lifetime warranty

If you are tired of sleeping in a traditional mummy bag where mobility is severely limited, an hourglass-shaped sleeping bag should be right up your alley. These bags provide loads of room without being overly bulky.

So, to find the best model on the market, we scoured the web and looked at dozens of sleeping bags. And in the end, the spacious NEMO Equipment Forte sleeping bag came to the rescue. Of course, we checked how it behaves in action, and here’s what we learned.


NEMO Equipment has been around for seventeen years, significantly affecting the outdoor gear market. Established by Cam Brensinger, this American company grew from a small New Hampshire shop into a globally recognized brand.

In essence, NEMO is all about making functional and eye-catching gear and equipment, including sleeping bags and pads, campings tents, reclining chairs, and portable tables.


Sleeping bags are essential for alpine climbing and mountaineering, but we also need them for camping trips. Yet, the abundance of options makes it tricky to choose the ideal bag for our needs and preferences. Nonetheless, if you consider the following aspects, you’ll have no trouble separating the best from the rest.


Primarily, check the fabrics and other elements to ensure the overall build quality meets the requirements. After all, premium materials will ensure longevity and durability while offering top-drawer performances in the process.


Speaking of performances, it’s clear that heat retention ranks as the priority for sleeping bags. So, if you want to buy a quality sleeping bag for camping or backpacking, look at the temperature rating. For instance, the NEMO Equipment Forte sleeping bag is at 22F.


In general, the lightest sleeping bags offer the lowest heat retention. However, the best models strike the sweet spot between these two elements. So, look for packable and lightweight sleeping bags that will allow you to explore the great outdoors without too much hassle.


Last but not least, we should mention the price because no one wants to overpay for camping gear, given that most people use it occasionally. So, compare the price tags and evaluate the features to find the most suitable sleeping bag for your budget.


As we said, Nemo Equipment Forte is for those tired of sleeping in the narrow and space-limiting mummy bags. Unlike the traditional models, the Forte sleeping bag features generous dimensions and provides loads of space while staying a budget-friendly model.

Given that NEMO Equipment has years of experience in the business, it’s not surprising to see this bag offering anything a typical alpine climber or backpacker could need. So, without further ado, let’s dive deeper into the characteristics of this modern sleeping bag.


First, we looked into the heat retention provided by the recently introduced Forte sleeping bag. Of course, NEMO didn’t disappoint, equipping this model with Primaloft RISE insulation.

In essence, this technology features 80% recycled content and provides better thermic properties than conventional synthetic materials. At the same time, Primaloft insulation is lightweight and flexible, allowing excellent packability and convenience. As expected, the Forte sleeping bag is water-resistant and moisture-wicking.


With the heat-efficient Forte sleeping bag, you’ll get warm and cozy before you know it. Moreover, the chances are you’ll get too warm because Primaloft RISE is not playing games with insulation and heat retention.

For that reason, you’ll be glad to hear that NEMO Equipment Forte comes equipped with Thermo Gills, two handy vent openings for letting the colder air into the bag. Since the gills come equipped with zippers, users can easily control the airflow and adjust the temperature inside the sleeping bag.


When it comes to outdoor gear and camping equipment, ruggedness and durability are essential characteristics. The same applies to sleeping bags, given that they go through plenty of wear and tear as we carry them around.

So, we looked into the materials used in the Forte sleeping bag only to see that NEMO Equipment once again exceeded expectations. Namely, this model features 30D ripstop nylon and 20D taffeta nylon for a plush sleeping experience and ultimate durability.

Admittedly, the Forte sleeping bag is on the heavier side because its minimum weight is 2.14 pounds. Nevertheless, most users will have no issues carrying this bag, even to the highest mountain tops.


Finally, we should mention that the NEMO Equipment Men’s Forte sleeping bag has a left-centered full-length zipper for effortless opening and closing. More importantly, the double-slider YKK zipper comes with a zipper plow to facilitate getting in and out of the bag.

Interestingly, the women’s Forte bag has a zipper on the right side, allowing you to combine the bags and create a double sleeping bag for outdoorsy couples. Thanks to the roomy Classic Spoon design, these sleeping bags will let you have fun and enjoy the nights spent away from the urban lifestyle.


From what we’ve seen, the roomy NEMO Equipment Forte sleeping bag is worth every penny because it offers plenty of room, excellent heat retention, and durable materials. On top of that, this packable bag comes with a NEMO lifetime warranty and an affordable price tag.

As we all know, budget models rarely meet the highest quality standards, but this is not the case with the efficient Forte sleeping bag. If you are in the market for spacious and warm bags for camping or backpacking, this model could be the best sleeping bag money can buy in 2022.

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