If you haven’t yet upgraded from your regular camping utensils to an all-in-one spork or something similar, what are you waiting for? Having everything you need to eat in one tool saves a good amount of room and weight in your pack and can make your life on the trail just a little bit easier. If you’re looking to take things a step further, grab a multitool utensil like the Muncher and throw it in your bag.

Muncher looks like any old spork or camping utensil but features 10 different useful tools that you’ll commonly find yourself needing on the trail: a spork, serrated knife, fire starter, peeler, can opener, bottle opener, pry bar, box cutter, cord cutter and flathead screwdriver. You can slice your food, eat it, pop open that beer bottle, strike a flame or even turn some screws, all with the same tool. (To use the fire starter, you’ll need a ferro strike starter).

It’s made from aerospace-grade titanium, which is lighter yet stronger than stainless steel (with twice the strength-to-weight ratio, to be exact), corrosion resistant, and polished to a smooth, easy-to-clean and shiny finish. The middle of the tool has been sand blasted, to create an anti-slip grip texture. A Hypalon storage pouch is included, protecting it from the elements. And at less than one ounce, it weighs little enough to go practically unnoticed. It’s 6.5” long, and only 1.5mm thick.

At less than $50, it’s a convenient, durable, tool that will make your kit just a bit lighter while increasing functionality quite a bit.

Full Windsor Muncher Multiool Full-Windsor-Muncher-Multitool-3 Full-Windsor-Muncher-Multitool-8 Full-Windsor-Muncher-Multitool-7 Full-Windsor-Muncher-Multitool-6 Full-Windsor-Muncher-Multitool-5 Full-Windsor-Muncher-Multitool-4