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Bring Your Dog Camping In Comfort With Snow Peak’s Dog Cot

Snow Peak Dog Cot

We’ve seen some pretty comfortable and cozy beds for the canine companion to sleep in on your next backpacking trip, but this one might be the most enticing; a cot for them to sleep on, aptly named – the Dog Cot.

If the idea of hauling a cot around for your dog sounds like overkill, take a moment to think about what you’ll do for comfort: pack a cot for yourself, carry around a camping chair or even a cushion to sit on. Why not give your dog the same luxuries?

The Dog Cot is pretty simple in design; folding legs and a soft cotton canvas cloth for the pooch to rest on. Designed by Snow Peak, it’s essentially just like Snow Peak’s folding beach chair – just one for your dog to sleep on. The legs are sturdy stainless steel, but the entire thing weighs a mere 1.5 pounds, so it’s easy to haul around and get to the campsite. It even comes with a handy carrying and storage case – just like that folding lawn chair. And, the canvas also comes off easily for washing.

Is it a necessary piece of camping gear? We’d wager not. Some dogs might not even like it. But for those who just love to be pampered and can’t imagine spending a night on the ground, they might just love it.

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