For those who find sleeping on the ground rough, hammock camping can be a sublime experience; it gets you off the ground and into the air,  and there’s something satisfying about falling asleep as your hammock rocks gently in the night breeze.  Unfortunately, hammock camping can sometimes be a bit complicated;  camping hammock systems can involve a lot of moving parts, as well as a good deal of effort to setup. That’s why Kammock created the Mantis, an all-in-one camping hammock meant to simplify the process.

Kammock (sounds like a combo of “hammock” and “camp”) didn’t create the camping hammock system, but they’ve done a good job of perfecting it. The Mantis packs down smaller than your sleeping bag, and at 2 pounds, weighs less than a typical 1-person tent, making it a great option when you prefer to travel light. Still, the hammock comes with a 500-pound weight limit, so you can easily fit two people and even your gear at the same time.

There’s an integrated insect net to keep the bugs at bay, as well as a super light rainfly for when the skies open; both are part of the super-simple setup, which takes about 60 seconds start to finish, and let you set it up in any number of configurations, using the rain fly as an awning, as a full-on guard against bad weather. Or, ditch it and enjoy the open air. The bug net even has particularly see-through mesh panel, so you can stargaze without disruption.

Levitas 20D ripstop nylon cuts down on weight, and the straps are made from SpiraLine – polyethylene that is 15 times stronger than steel by weight. All in all, the Mantis is a lightweight, packable hammock that makes the idea of hammock camping that much easier, eliminating size, bulk and setup time all at once by putting everything you need into a single, easy package.

If you’re interested, you can grab one on Kickstarter now.



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