Backpackers and campers seeking a lightweight, compact, portable grill have their pick of a number of options, from disposable bamboo grills to more conventional choices. But few are quite as ingenious and portable as BISON GEARS’ Rolling Grill.

It’s simple. This small, roughly 10” x 11” cooking grate is made from good old lightweight aluminum and boasts a Teflon non-stick coating – not unlike traditional pans and cooking utensils. Just stick it over a campfire and grill. When you’re ready to pack up, it rolls up into a neat package smaller than a tent stake pouch. Just slide off the two end pieces, which hold the grate in place for cooking and throw it in the included stuff sack.

The Rolling Grill also includes two adjustable chained stake stands for standing the grill up over the flame. For more heat, lower the height over the flame. For less, lower it gently. BISON also boasts that it is “air fusion hollowed,” to create lighter browning and burn marks and less HCAs and PAH’s – whatever they are.

Cool? We think so. The whole package weighs 1.2 pounds and is dishwasher safe. An easy, portable way for grilling quick, easy meals over the campfire.

Rolling-Grill-BISONGEARS-4 Rolling-Grill-BISONGEARS-2