Main features of LE LED Camping Lantern:

  • 1000 lumen, 100W
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Four operational modes
  • 360-degree beam angle
  • Anti-slip rubber and a handle
  • Waterproof, IP44 rating

Camping lamps and lanterns are a must-have if you enjoy spending time outdoors with your friends or family. After all, the night is dark and full of terror, and nothing scares away the darkness better than a powerful LED light.

We scoured the market in search of a top-quality model, learning that LE LED Camping Lantern offers an array of features.

After testing it and evaluating its qualities, we are sure that this outdoor lamp is worth every penny. Here’s what makes it so appealing.

Excellent Design

First, we should mention that LE recently updated its camping lantern, improving many aspects of its functionality. Of course, the design received a few changes as well. As you can see, the new model combines a deep green color with black rubber. Thus, LE LED camping lantern is one of the best-designed outdoor lamps on the market.

The anti-slip rubber also helps with carrying, and the same goes for the built-in handle. Since this is a camping lantern, you can use the handle to attach it in or out of the tent.

Various Operational Modes

The cool-looking LE LED camping lantern can help with fishing, reading, repairing the tent, but it can also be a life-saver in case of an emergency. The 360-degree beam angle offers excellent visibility. Plus, the lamp generates up to 1000 lumen of light.

If the continuous bright light is unnecessary, you can press the button on the front to change the mode. Precisely, LE LED camping lantern has three levels of brightness and a flashing mode. So, a quick press will tone the light down from white to incandescent. Adjustable brightness is an advanced feature, and many outdoor lamps do not provide this option.

Convenience and Usability

With a weight of only 19 ounces, this outdoor lamp is super-lightweight and portable. Best of all, the excellent LE LED camping lantern comes with an internal tapered cover, making it water-resistant. To be precise, the device has an IP44 rating.

If that’s not enough, we must also mention that this lamp doubles as a power bank. Yes, you can charge your smartphone or tablet with the help of the LE LED camping lantern. Up to 12 hours of playtime should meet most user’s needs, allowing you to play your favourite tunes for the entire evening. A USB cable comes in the box, and you can quickly charge the 4400mAh battery before setting out on your camping adventure.

Should You Buy It?

Finding a durable and well-designed outdoor lamp can be tricky. Many models are out there, confusing the inexperienced campers. Nonetheless, we stumbled upon the exquisite LE LED camping lantern and solved many of our problems around the campsite.

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With the help of this capable lamp, we can light up the surroundings with a bright beam. Or we can dim the light and place it in the tent for those afraid to sleep in the dark. The range of options is almost endless, so you’ll not go wrong if you opt for this lantern.