What’s to like about the Reyn Spooner Kauhulu Aloha shirt:

  • Spooner’s signature Kloth™
  • A wrinkle-free, breathable fabric
  • Classic Aloha button-down front
  • Print-matched chest pocket
  • Reverse-printed for sun-faded effect
  • A rounded tail for an untucked look

Hawaiian-style shirts are an essential warm-weather garment, especially with summers getting hotter than ever. Yet, some Aloha shirts are better than others, providing more breathability, comfort, and style.

For instance, the stylish Reyn Spooner Kauhulu Aloha shirt, with its timeless design and excellent craftsmanship, earns maximum points for quality.

So, if you already see yourself by the beach or in the nearby cocktail bar, let’s see why this Aloha shirt would be a great choice.


Reyn Spooner is the Michael Jordan of Hawaiian shirts, given that the brand almost single-handedly popularized the bright-colored attire across the US. Reyn and Ruth founded the company in 1956, and ten years later—the famous Aloha Friday phenomenon got official recognition.

So, with more than 65 years of experience running the show, it’s no surprise that Reyn Spooner manufactures top-quality Aloha shirts. The brand often uses authentic, hand-painted patterns and promotes Hawaiian artists while opting for premium materials and fabrics. Of course, the latest lineup of Aloha shirts illustrates this philosophy.


We already mentioned how Hawaii-style shirts come in various shapes and sizes with differing qualities and fabrics.

So, consider the following aspects if you want to avoid buying a flimsy shirt you’ll wear only once and hate for the rest of your life. The following elements will help you separate top-rated Aloha shirts from the rest.


Hot summer days and lightweight fabrics go together like peas and carrots, to quote the young Mr. Gump. Therefore, look for breathable, easy-wearing materials that reduce sweating and will not irritate the skin. For instance, the Reyn Spooner Kauhulu model features a combination of cotton and polyester.


Aloha shirts are famous for their summer-friendly breathability and laid-back vibe. As a result, these shirts typically feature floral patterns and tropics-inspired prints. But, of course, everything will depend on your style and preferences, so compare several models to find ones complementing your overall aesthetic.


Most Hawaiian shirts are budget-friendly and accessible, but high-end models might come with hefty price tags. Thus, buyers should double-check this element to avoid overpaying and burning holes in their wallets. Then again, the best Aloha shirts will offer years of comfort and style, so think of them as worthwhile investments.


After this lengthy introduction, it’s high time we focus on the actual Kauhulu Aloha shirt from Reyn Spooner. After all, summer’s almost over, and you have little time left to impress the girls at a beach party.

Now available via Huckberry, the iconic Spooner garments are the quintessential Aloha shirts, and the Kauhulu model follows the well-trodden path. In other words, it features luxurious softness, resilient materials, and a traditional cut.

Most importantly, it comes with a relatively affordable price tag, making it a viable option for casual summer attire. Throw in the cool-looking Kauhulu Bucket Hat from Reyn Spooner, and you’ll be beach-ready in no time.


As we all know, the classic Aloha shirts are short-sleeved, printed, collared, and buttoned. Those are the unofficial rules, but designers have plenty of room to wiggle within these boundaries. Plus, you can opt to wear the shirts untucked or tucked, buttoned or unbuttoned.

The Kauhulu Aloha shirt from Reyn Spooner sticks to the basics and follows the age-old recipe. Namely, it has a box pleat and a traditional button-down front with side vents for airflow and breathability.

In addition, the Kauhulu series has a chest pocket on the left side, ideal for stashing your sunglasses. Of course, Reyn Spooner recommends choosing a larger-than-usual size to get maximum ventilation, breathability, and freedom of movement. In other words, Aloha shirts should not constrict your biceps or chest.


Freedom is the name of the game with the Reyn Spooner Kauhulu shirt. At the same time, this brand sticks to strict quality standards when manufacturing its high-end resort wear.

For example, the Kauhulu model features the proprietary Spooner Kloth, a wrinkle-free fabric that combines cotton with polyester (55% vs. 45%). Fun fact: Reyn McCullough designed the material, and the fabric still delivers impressive performances regardless of heat and humidity.

In addition, the Reyn Spooner Kauhulu Aloha shirt has a sun-faded effect because the company uses a reverse-printing process. Likewise, each Kauhulu shirt features neat inside seams. Reyn Spooner also expertly tailored the chest pocket, print-matching it with the rest of the pattern on the Kauhulu shirt.


As Reyn Spooner says, we all love wrinkle-free attire. That’s why Hawaiian shirts are the top choice during the summer when spontaneous beach parties and backyard gatherings provide the most memorable moments.

In other words, Aloha shirts give you peace of mind, relaxing the atmosphere and making things less formal. The wrinkle-free, machine-washable Kauhulu Aloha shirt from Reyn Spooner ticks these boxes while adding a touch of class and elegance to your style.

After all, the reverse print and the sun-faded look decrease the in-your-face effect that some Hawaiian shirts can have. The colors and the archival Honolulu print are relatively discreet, ideal for those wanting to avoid overly flashy garments.


Finding the perfect Hawaiian shirt can be tricky, given the endless options and models you can find in online and land-based stores. Yet, Reyn Spooner is a safe bet for the fans of feel-good garments, and the Kauhulu model is among the best options for vacations and weekend getaways.

Even though the Reyn Spooner Kauhulu Aloha shirt costs around $120, you’ll never regret the investment because the sun-soaked summer vibe makes us forget everything else. So, combine this shirt with a pair of quality sunglasses, crack a cold one, and thank us later.