Since the warmer days are around the corner, it’s high time to prepare for trips to the beach, outdoor cookouts, and other activities. The perfect pair of shorts will make you look stylish, relaxed, and ready to have fun.

To help you find the best shorts for the summer, we scoured the web and limited the selection to these ten models. So, let’s check them out.


Men’s shorts come in many shapes and sizes, covering various occasions and activities. Quality shorts can handle anything from doing strenuous workouts to lounging on the sofa.

Yet, finding the best garments can be tricky, so we applied the following checklist while testing and reviewing top-rated men’s shorts in 2022.


Materials and fabrics were the first things we checked, together with stitching and other similar aspects. Looking at the overall construction is essential if you want to buy the best shorts for the summer.

Most athleisure garments feature stretchy materials, and the same goes for men’s shorts. Likewise, anti-odor technologies are a must-have for workout shorts. We looked into these aspects while also checking the durability and resilience.


If you never skip leg days, you’d want shorts to complement your build. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a suitable design with adequate length and width. Of course, more formal occasions might require a straight-leg silhouette, while the classic workout shorts are flexible and lightweight.

In addition, we checked other design-related elements, including the colors, logo, and imagery. The goal was to find timeless designs with a laid-back style for summer adventures.


The best athleisure brands often ask for hefty prices for their garments, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. The trick is to do the homework and compare the prices to find the most affordable clothing.

For instance, we looked for affordable shorts by visiting various online shops and men’s fashion brands. Of course, we also included several high-end options for anyone willing to spend extra on their summer garb.


We’ll start our list in coastal California, a picture-perfect place for an active lifestyle and summer clothing. We chose Vuori—an athleisure brand focused on putting a fresh perspective on high-performance apparel. Founded in Encinitas, California, this company has been around since 2013. Over the years, it has grown into a high-rank activewear brand.

Besides many other garments and men’s clothing, Vuori offers versatile Banks Shorts with their sustainable VCycled fabric and an appealing design. Namely, the quick-drying material for the Banks Shorts comes from recycled plastic bottles, and they make each pair from 4 to 5 bottles taken from sea or land. So, if you want to help the environment, these shorts could be right up your alley.

Vuori offers these classic athletic shorts with a 7.5-inch inseam in fourteen colors and six sizes. Thus, you’ll have no problem finding the ideal shape and size. In addition, the Banks Shorts from Vuori come with an elastic waistband and a dependable drawcord.

Unlike many athletic shorts, the Banks model from Vuori offers plenty of storage space. Notably, the pocket on the front left features a sturdy, reliable zipper. Also, Banks Shorts come with two mesh pockets on the sides, a scalloped leg opening, and anti-odor technology.


Advertised as the shorts for the cool dads, the comfortable Bowline shorts from lululemon are every man’s dream. But before we focus on the product, we should remind you that lululemon is an athletic apparel company founded in 1998. This Canadian brand started as a yoga pants retailer and later expanded its offering into many market segments.

In other words, lululemon is a versatile athleisure brand, and the same goes for the 5-inch Bowline shorts. They will play well with casual t-shirts, button-ups, or sweatshirts, allowing you to combine accessories and play with your style. The streamlined fit features lululemon’s proprietary ABC technology with an ergonomic gusset to give thighs and glutes some breathing room and remove tension.

Thanks to the breathable fabric, these shorts are ready for any action, from hiking to grocery shopping. The zippered pocket on the back will keep the valuables safe, while the hidden media pocket is ideal for stashing away your smartphone.

The durable lululemon Bowline shorts feature abrasion-resistant, ripstop fabric with a water-repellent coating. Besides the 5-inch version, lululemon offers the 8-inch model. In addition, Bowline shorts are available in nine colors and five sizes. So, despite lululemon’s reputation for being a pricey brand, these summer-ready shorts could be a viable option for men worldwide.


It’s no secret that the best athleisure brands don’t chase fads, focusing on the essentials and preferring quality over quantity. Ten Thousand fits this description. Founded in 2016, this young brand still has room for improvement, but its fan base is snowballing thanks to premium products.

Ten Thousand boasts a minimalist design with no BS, no gimmicks. The same applies to the Foundation shorts, one of the most durable gym shorts money can buy in 2022. This model follows the classic board shorts design and comes in three inseam options: five, seven, or nine inches.

Ten Thousand Foundation shorts are ideal for gym-goers and workout addicts, but they’ll also perform well during weekend adventures in the great outdoors. These shorts refuse to die because Ten Thousand opted for extra resilient, abrasion-resistant polyester. On top of that, the material features a double-weave shell construction for maximum strength and durability.

We should also mention the silver ion anti-odor technology ideal for strenuous workout sessions. Likewise, each pair of Foundation shorts from Ten Thousand comes with a handy pocket system for safe storage. You can also choose the Foundation shorts with or without liner.


The stretchy Nomad Shorts from Proof could be right up your alley if you need sleek, elegant shorts with a water-repellent coating. Since Proof designed them as technical chinos in a knee-length form, these shorts offer complete freedom of movement during travel or work.

For those unfamiliar with the name, we should add that Proof is an athleisure brand sold exclusively through Huckberry. More importantly, this New York-based company manufactures comfortable and durable garments and sells them at reasonable prices. The Nomad shorts illustrate this philosophy.

The cool-looking Proof Nomad Shorts feature a breathable Japanese Toray twill, a resilient fabric offering two-way stretchiness. Likewise, these technical shorts come with a DWR coating for water resistance and moisture-wicking properties. Despite its technical qualities, the fabric is soft and ultra-comfortable.

At the same time, the Nomad shorts feature matte black hardware and subtle YKK zippers. Huckberry advertises this model as the ‘best-selling 21st-century shorts,’ and the spacious pockets are the reasons for its massive popularity. For instance, the two welt pockets on the rear have stylish snap buttons. So, if you need elegance for the summer, the Nomad Shorts by Proof tick the boxes for being a viable option.


The next model on the list of the best men’s shorts for 2022 promises functional comfort and excellent mobility during workouts. Since they named them after the fast-moving predatory shark, it’s no surprise that these shorts are ideal for high-performance training routines.

After all, Rhone is a well-respected activewear brand founded in 2014 with a massive following worldwide. The company goes above and beyond to create high-quality workout apparel, and the comfy Mako shorts are the perfect example. Since they are available in five sizes, dozens of colors, and two inseam versions (7’’ and 9’’), they are as flexible as men’s shorts.

These budget-friendly shorts for training are comfortable and lightweight. The secret lies in the resilient polyester and spandex combo (90% + 10%). So, Mako shorts will not restrict your movement during workouts, and the 4-way stretchiness allows you to jump, run, or lift with no hassle. On top of that, the material offers moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties.

Mako shorts from Rhone also feature an adjustable drawcord waistband and gusseted seams. You’ll also get various storage options, including a media pocket and a hidden zippered pocket for your belongings.


Bermuda shorts have an exciting history since they originated as the official clothing for British army officers in sub-tropical regions. Nowadays, men and women worldwide opt for these shorts because of their convenience, relaxed fit, and laid-back aesthetic. For that reason, we included the functional Utility cargo shorts from Loewe on our list.

Headquartered in Madrid, Loewe is a Spanish luxury fashion brand established 176 years ago. Since it operates as a part of Louis Vuitton, the company specializes in clothing, leather goods, and perfumes. So, if you are in the market for high-end men’s shorts, the ones from Loewe will take your game to the next level.

Loewe Utility Cargo shorts keep things simple and use organic cotton without modern synthetic materials. The straightforward formula works like magic during warm summer nights, and the garment weighs only 0.35 kg! Yes, these shorts come at a higher price, but they are worth every penny.

As the name suggests, these Bermuda shorts have a practical design suitable for outdoor activities like hiking or camping. Notably, you’ll get 2x zippered side pockets and 2x spacious cargo pockets on the front. The rear pocket has a handy velcro closure if you need even more carrying space.


Founded in 1954, Kanvas By Katin originally manufactured canvas boat covers in Surfside, California. Later, the company expanded its offering, introducing its legendary surf trunks during the 1960s. In the 1990s, Katin updated its portfolio and included modern materials in the production.

The retro-inspired Katin Cord Local Shorts are what you would expect from a classic brand like Katin. Yet, this model also features synthetic elements like spandex to give the shorts the necessary stretchiness. Likewise, these 6.5-inch shorts have a comfy elastic waistband with a sturdy drawstring for the perfect fit.

But, of course, the central role goes to the durable cotton corduroy. Katin went through the archives to dig out this indestructible material, making the Cord Local Shorts look like they had arrived from the 1970s. Therefore, these shorts could be your cup of tea if you like the classic corduroy walkshorts designs.

Katin Cord Local Shorts also come with two front patch pockets and two welt pockets on the back. The ones on the rear feature a button closure. Finally, we also liked the notched seam at the hem for extra mobility and the pinstripe binding on the interior seams. Of course, the comfort separates these shorts from the rest, and you’ll have difficulty finding a cozier pair of men’s shorts in 2022.


Mack Weldon is another relatively young brand we added to the list, and this New York-based retailer has been around since 2012. They specialize in men’s underwear, swimwear, socks, T-shirts, and other accessories. Mack Weldon also focuses on innovation and development, manufacturing purpose-built garments for the modern gentleman.

The Stratus Active shorts rank among the best men’s shorts because they feature the latest technologies and premium materials. Namely, Mack Weldon patented an advanced 37.5 technology with an ultra-responsive blend and active particles to regulate the microclimate near the skin. Thus, these shorts will keep you dry and fresh after any activity.

In addition, Mack Weldon Stratus Active shorts come with an anti-odor Silver XT2 liner for extra post-workout freshness. The laser-cut ventilation panels are another element that helps with breathability. These shorts combine polyester and spandex, and the resulting fabric is lightweight and comfortable.

Although the guys over at Mack Weldon like to experiment, they went with the timeless, classic design for the Stratus shorts for men. In other words, these 7-inch shorts have zippered side pockets and hidden pockets on the rear. Likewise, this model features an elastic, durable waistband with a stylish drawcord.


Like the previous one, the next contender for the best men’s shorts comes from a New York-based lifestyle and fashion brand. Launched in 2013, Faherty Brand is a clothing company run by two brothers previously employed by Cerberus and Ralph Lauren. So, it’s not surprising that Faherty manufactures classy apparel, with an aesthetic described as ‘surf hippie.’

The ultra-comfy Whitewater Sweatshorts are synonymous with the brand’s philosophy, and Faherty opted for ultimate softness and vintage-inspired design. As a result, these men’s summer shorts are ideal for hammock lounging or lazy weekends by the beach. If you want to take summer relaxation to the next level, these jacquard knit shorts are the way to go.

The cotton-polyester blend (74% + 26%) provides the Whitewater shorts with an undeniable appeal. Yet, the benefits don’t end with an enticing design, given that these shorts are as lightweight and cozy as summer shorts get. The ribbed waistband allows for easy wearing, while the two side pockets offer plenty of room for your belongings. There’s also a rear button-closure pocket for extra storage.

Overall, Faherty Brand Whitewater Sweatshorts earn top marks for comfort and design. On top of that, they come at an affordable price, making them a worthwhile investment for summer lovers worldwide.


Last but not least, we bring you an elegant pair of shorts from a legendary American multi-brand. Founded in 1947, the J. Crew Group has more than 75 years of experience in the retail industry. The company offers a broad assortment of men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, including loungewear, swimwear, shoes, and jewelry.

Namely, J. Crew’s motto is ‘classics with a twist,’ and their 5-inch Stretch Chino Shorts illustrate this approach. The legend says that one of their designers was playing tennis and needed more flexible and stretchier shorts. Voila!

As the name implies, these shorts follow the classic chino shape. Yet, the twist is in the added stretchiness because the blend combines organic cotton with elastane. J. Crew’s award-winning chinos first appeared in 2010, and this take on the classic model is as elegant as you would expect from this brand.

These dock shorts walk the fine line between dressed-up and casual. For that reason, J. Crew Stretch Chino Shorts could become your all-scenario summer shorts, primarily because they come in eight colors. Our friendly tip would be to buy in bulk.


Men’s shorts are essential summer wear, and they can make or break your style. Thus, choosing a quality pair is a worthwhile investment for any self-respecting gentleman.

Our top ten list features the best shorts for men in 2022, primarily focusing on athleisure and workout apparel. For instance, Rhone or Ten Thousand models rank among the best training shorts, while products from Vuori or lululemon could also be a safe bet for the upcoming summer.