If you still associate dress clothes with clothes that are uncomfortable, you’re doing it wrong. Your suit should be your go-to outfit for the office – something you look forward to wearing. As comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans but looks even sharper and snappier. And when you’re constantly on the go, catching cabs, trains, and red-eye flights as a part of work (or pleasure), a good travel suit becomes even more important.

You don’t want to be sitting in a tight, uncomfortable wool suit for several hours, only to get up and head to work or a meeting with wrinkles and creases all over it. And you certainly don’t want to sweat through it as you head to the gate. That’s where travel suits come in. Grab one of these, pair it with some smart, functional luggage, and you’ll be traveling in pure crease-free comfort. We’ve reviewed all the top brands, from Hugo Boss to Bluffworks. Here are some of the best travel suits for men that will “suit” your constantly on-the-go lifestyle, now updated for 2023!

Gear For Life Top Picks For Best Travel Suits of 2023


Ministry of Supply was another original in the Performance Dress Clothing scene, and they garnered the top spot for our 2020 list. The Velocity Suit Jacket uses a 61% polyester, 33% viscose, and 6% spandex blend for 4-way stretch and resilience and total wrinkle resistance. It is semi-lined to allow for more freedom and movement. A curved back yoke allows for a more comfortable, athletic shoulder fit. And it’s machine-washable, so cleaning on the road is a breeze. So far, it only comes in Black and Charcoal.

We look forward to seeing it in Navy or Blue when the time comes.


Ministry of Supply was an easy pick in the top spot with their Velocity Suit. However, the introduction of the Kinetic Blazer was a pleasant surprise addition to our top picks for 2022. The classic unlined fit, 100% Primeflex Japanese Polyester fabric, allows unrestricted movement with a 4-way stretch while also being machine washable and water-resistant. Its a much more technical fabric than traditional wool.

An expanded color line features Indigo Heather, Gray Heather, Charcoal Heather, Navy, and Black. You can’t go wrong with the Ministry of Supply and their 100-day free return policy!

2023 Honorable Mentions

We weren’t familiar with Bluffworks until we saw this suit, but they are a travel-oriented clothing brand that looks like they know what they are doing. They barely missed the top spot for our 2020 pick for the best travel suit.

The Gramercy Travel Suit is made from a lightweight, 100% polyester fabric that is breathable and quick-drying, makes it a breeze to wear on the road, resists wrinkles and creases, and is entirely machine-washable – something your usual work outfit isn’t.

The back is lined, but the sleeves aren’t. And there are ten total pockets for stashing all your gear. If you’re looking for something just a bit more casual but every bit as comfortable, the Bluffworks Travel Suit fits the bill. And will cut down on some dry-cleaning bills.

2. Hugo boss Packable slim fit blazer

Hugo Boss has a long history of stylish men’s suits. The Packable Slim Fit Blazer features a stretch fabric using 100% Polyester, making it comfortable and essentially wrinkle-free. It’s a single-breasted jacket with a slim fit and smooth lining.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Black is the only color option from Hugo Boss, but that pairs well with slacks or jeans for a sharp everyday travel option.

3. Paul Smith A Suit To Travel In

One of the most popular travel suits out there – English fashion designer Paul Smith created A Suit To Travel In, a classy wool suit in an elegant SoHo Slim Fit – a look slightly more blocky and English than Armani, for example, but still stylishly slim….plus its a bit cheaper than the Paul Smith option listed above.

The jacket is wool with a viscose lining and has been treated as crease-resistant, so it can be stashed in your suitcase and worn the same day without needing a trip to the dry cleaners. Paul Smith has been making suits for men for ages, and it’s made in Italy. Cheap? Nope. Versatile and stylish? Indeed.

4. Nordstrom Men’s Shop Tech-Smart Travel Suit

A sub-$500 suit from Nordstrom? Sign us up, please. This solid navy suit is made from Tech-SmartWool, essentially 98% wool and 2% spandex, for a stretchy, breathable material that doesn’t crease and is supremely comfortable even on long-haul flights.

There are a whole bunch of nifty additions, like a comfort-stretch waistband. Inside, Nordstrom has included a bunch of extra pockets (11 in total, including the regular suit pockets) so you can stash items easily on the go. The pants come unhemmed, but Nordstrom will hem them for free at any store. And that Trim Fit looks baller.

5. M.J. Bale Superfine Wool Suits

While M.J. Bale’s Superfine Merino Suits may not be your traditional travel suit, the Australian brand claims they are more than cut out for it. A few years ago, they embarked on a round-the-globe trek to demonstrate how durable and comfortable these suits are. M.J. Bale suits come in different cuts and forms, but their Superfine suits are cool, comfortable, and supremely soft – 99% Superfine virgin wool and 1% elastane, which helps make them crease resistant. We think they deserve a spot on this list. They’re distinctly Australian, too.

6. Brooks Brothers BrooksCool Suit

We had no idea Brooks Brothers made a breathable travel suit, but they do. The BrooksCool suit is made from a wool/poly/Lycra blend, which means it’s stretchy, breathable, and super-comfy and is both wrinkle and water-resistant. And that’s also looking as classy as you would expect from a Brooks Brothers suit. Slim cut, slim lapel, and side vents. Available in solid colors as well as blue pinstripe or grey check for more formal occasions.


What’s that? Only the best for you, even when on the go? Burberry hears you. They made this wool suit part of the Travel Tailoring collection, which uses a special blend of “memory fabrics” to flex the body and remain light and breathable the whole time.

The shell is 100% traditional and 100% wool, and the jacket lining is 94% cupro and 6% elastane. (Cupro is a recycled cellulose material frequently used to create beautifully-draping soft clothes). Slim and classy, with Melton undercollar and notch lapels. Exactly what you would expect from Burberry, with some modern touches for a very polished look.

8. J. Crew Ludlow Traveler Suit

The J. Crew Ludlow is an all-around winner no matter what, and the fact they’ve made a wool travel version of the slim-fitting formal suit makes it all the better in our book. The Ludlow Traveler Suit is made from unique three-ply wool woven in the famous Tollegno mill, with a special highly twisted thread that makes them more elastic and resistant to wrinkling and creasing.

A light, partial Bemberg lining makes it more breathable when you might work up a sweat – so it’s suitable for the summer heat, too. Lastly, mix and match it with the athletic form Crosby Suit to get the fit that works for you. Currently, it’s only available in Navy Blue wool.

9. Bonobos Jetsetter Stretch Wool Suit

Tough to forget Bonobos. They were one of the first clothiers to make travel clothes that still looked stylish, and while the Jetsetter may not be as travel-oriented as some of the others on this list, it works just as well – hence the name.

The Jetsetter is made from a 98% wool, 2% elastane blend that feels like your typical 4-season weight, but doesn’t get as wrinkled and breathes more easily, making it perfect for sitting all day on the plane. The jacket comes in four color options, Slim, Standard, and Athletic sizing, while the pants come in those three plus a Tailored option and any size you could need. Fit is Bonobos’ thing. Gorgeous, stretchy and crease resistant.


The Havana Traveller Suit uses 100% Wool Traveller fabric, woven by Lanificio Cerruti in Italy. It’s slim, un-structured, and casual while remaining sharp and classy for when you need it. Havana uses a Natural Shoulder, unpadded and designed to follow the body’s natural curves. Whatever you want to wear with it will look good as a full suit or a sports coat, and take you straight from the train to the office, and everywhere between.

What are the characteristics of a great travel suit?


The best travel suits are those that strike the perfect balance between style and function. They should be comfortable enough to travel for long periods of time but also look good enough to wear in a variety of settings. Additionally, a travel suit should be wrinkle-resistant and easy to care for. The time of year will also help determine the characteristics of the travel suit that you choose. During warm weather travel, you’ll undoubtedly want to go with a lightweight material option…while during the winter months, a wool suit probably makes more sense. Basically, just pay attention to the fabric… the lightweight fabric is not always better!


Another practical suggestion is to be mindful of the color options when looking for the perfect travel suit. You may be tempted to wear a stylish lighter color, such as tan, during the summer. However, in our experience, choosing a suit that is navy or black material makes more sense in the case of an accidental spill during travel! Some suit fabrics are better than others at stain resistance, but a darker color helps reduce the worry of an unsightly stain.

Style and Fit

The last minor consideration we’d like to mention would be to pay attention to the style and shape. Although you want to look good, you also need to be comfortable! Something that is slim fitting and hugs the body may not be as comfortable as something looser fitting. You can find a suit that fits all of these criteria from any of the links above!

What is the best way to travel with a suit?

The best way to travel with a suit in your wardrobe is to bring it with you on the plane. This way, you can avoid the risk of having your suit damaged in transit or severely wrinkled by careless baggage handlers. If you’re worried about wrinkles, consider investing in a nice garment bag designed to keep your suit wrinkle-free.

What’s the best way to fold a suit for travel?

The best way to fold a suit for travel is to first turn both arms/shoulders inside out. Then lay it flat on a bed or other large surface. From here, fold it exactly in half, lapel to lapel, so you can see the interior pockets. Finally, fold the suit over itself into thirds. Now you want to lay out your suit pants flat, with the creases together. Place the folded suit in the center of the pants. Fold the pants legs over the top of the suit jacket, then do the same with the waist of the suit trousers. (If it is a three piece suit, you can similarly fold the vest as the jacket.) This will help minimize wrinkles and keep your best suits in top form during your next trip.