Did you know that running belts can help with many activities aside from running, such as cycling or hiking? Triathlon or trail walking can be much easier if you put the essentials into a high-quality waist bag.

With that said, not all running belts are the same. Some of them are more durable and more convenient than others. For that reason, we checked the market in the search for the best running belts.

The results are here, and we compiled the list with the five top-rated fanny packs. So, let’s dive right in to see how these models could make your running sessions more enjoyable than ever.

1. Fitletic Running Belt

To start this list in style, we will first present you with the durable Fitletic Running Belt. After all, this model is one of the most popular on the market. Thousands of runners are opting for Fitletic because of the impressive qualities of this sports fanny pack.

For instance, this belt will ergonomically contour the body. The so-called NoBounce system will prevent the bag from flying around when you pick up the pace on your early morning jog. Likewise, the belt will not ride up and cause a nuisance while you are running. The neoprene fabric is soft yet durable, and this running belt is water-resistant as well. Thus, you can use it all-year-round, rain or shine.

Most importantly, the Fitletic Running Belt is as versatile as they get. To be precise, this waist bag comes with a phone holder and an inner pocket for ID or credit cards. The compartment for the phone is spacious enough to hold iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8, as well as later series.

On top of that, this sports fanny pack comes equipped with six gel loops. For that reason, the Fitletic running belt is perfect for long-distance cycling, triathlon, or Ironman. It will provide quick access to much-needed energy, and you could turn the Fitletic into a proper refueling belt.

2. Nathan Running Belt

The next entry on our list comes from a company with long-lasting experience. Nathan has been around for over 20 years. So, it’s not surprising to see their products among the best. From what we’ve seen, the exquisite Nathan Running Belt is well-worth the money. It might not be as affordable as other models on this list, but you will receive a beast of a waist bag if you go with Nathan.

For example, this workhorse comes with an adjustable strap. It also has a durable neoprene construction, which makes it water-resistant and sturdy. At the same time, the Nathan running belt is stylish and elegant, especially in the black color. Nothing but the logo is visible on the front area. So, this belt will go well with any combination you wear on your running sessions.

This bounce-free pouch is ultra-lightweight, and it weighs only 3.6 ounces. Of course, the weight will increase if you place your phone inside. The pocket is spacious, and users can fit all phone sizes. Likewise, the Nathan running belt comes equipped with two external zippered pockets. Best of all, the stretchy fabric will allow you to store lots of essentials, if need be. As if that’s not enough, this running belt also features reflexive details that should enhance visibility in low-light settings.

3. SPIbelt Running Belt

Now we move on to another highly recommended waist bag. Approved by runners from across the globe, the SPIRbelt running belt is one of the best models on the current market. It can be your companion on running sessions or hiking trips, but you can also use it while working out. The SPIbelt Running Belt comes from a woman-funded and woman-owned company from Austin, Texas. To be precise, this brand stepped onto the scene in 2007, and they never looked back since.

The SPIbelt Running Belt is available in 25 color combinations. So, you can combine it with different pieces of clothing to look excellent in the park or during a hike with your special someone. Also, this bounce-free belt will cause no discomfort because SPIbelt used stretchable spandex when manufacturing the product.

On top of that, this model comes with an expandable pocket that features a zipper in the middle. Because of its low-profile design, this compartment will stay below the waistband. Also, it will provide loads of storage space, and it can hold phones up to 8.9’’ long.

All in all, this sports fanny pack is perfect for runners who like a snug fit and maximum stability. The SPIbelt running belt is elegant, but it also comes with a sturdy buckle and durable materials.

4. FlipBelt

Now, we turn your attention towards something a bit different from what we presented so far. The eye-catching FlipBelt is the most discreet waist bag on the market. Unlike the other models on our list, the FlipBelt running belt comes with a singular tubular design. What this means is that no pouch protrudes forward, and the entire belt acts as storage space. Thus, runners can keep the essentials in the FlipBelt without losing speed or aerodynamics.

The FlipBelt uses an internal key hook for added security. Also, you’ll get multiple openings for quick access to your belongings. Admittedly, this running belt will not offer enough space for a water bottle, but it can hold smartphones, cash, or cards. Moreover, it even has a zippered pocket that provides the ultimate security for those must-have items that need to be with you at all times.

Of course, the FlipBelt is a no-bounce type of running belt. On top of that, this model dries fast because of its moisture-wicking fabric. To be precise, the blend comes with 8% lycra and 92% spandex. Therefore, you can expect premium durability and softness at the same time. And we should also mention that FlipBelt is available in a vast array of colors.

5. URPOWER Running Belt

Last but not least, we present you with a multifunctional waist belt that dominates the market. With its innovative design, the URPOWER Running Belt is adjustable, elastic, and water-resistant. It comes in four colors that make it attention-grabbing yet classy. By all means, the URPOWER Running Belt should make your running more comfortable than ever, and here is why.

First of all, URPOWER has used only premium materials when making this waist bag. So, the neoprene fabric provides excellent breathability and tear-resistance. Meanwhile, this running belt is water-resistant as well, which means that your essentials will stay safe while you are running in the rain. Also, we should mention the padded area on the back that will offer extra comfort during long-distance running.

The URPOWER Running Belt can hold phones up to 6.1 inches, but it also offers a hole for the cable. Thus, you can listen to music with ease, which boosts the points for convenience. Speaking of this aspect, you should note that this running belt can also act as a shoulder bag. By adjusting the elastic band, you can transform the belt into a bag and carry the weight on the shoulder.

As if that’s not enough, the URPOWER Running Belt can also carry two water bottles. So, you can always stay hydrated while running, hiking, or cycling.