Main features of Vollebak hat:

  • Ultra-resilient Dyneema Black fabric
  • Durable and abrasion-resistant
  • A waterproof membrane
  • Extra-soft Polartec fleece lining
  • Convenient magnetic storm flaps
  • High warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Free shipping and free returns

Would you believe us if we told you that modern materials could make trapper hats more protective than helmets? In addition, wouldn’t it be great if those new hats could provide more warmth than the traditional models?

Well, the future is here because Vollebak Indestructible Hat is here to outlast others and take the world of clothing accessories into a new era. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s see.


Before we review the actual Vollebak trapper hat, we should say a couple of words about the company. After all, this emerging brand has been around for only five years. Even so, Vollebak’s award-winning products attracted plenty of attention worldwide.

Namely, the company designs exciting concepts and manufactures bulletproof vests, shirts, and hoodies. The trapper hat is the latest addition to the portfolio, completing the Vollebak offering and expanding the catalog.


As we all know, fur trapper hats have been part and parcel of hunting headwear in many countries. Of course, people in the USA, Canada, Russia, or Scandinavian nations became experts in making high-quality models. So, here’s how to separate the best trapper hats from the rest.


Primarily, double-check the size to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit. The front part should not affect the vision, while the ear flaps should protect the sides of your cheeks and meet beneath the chin.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that quality materials are a prerequisite for a quality product. The same goes for trapper hats, so look at the fabrics to see if the company opted for durable and resilient materials. For instance, Vollebak uses Dyneema Black, an ultra-sturdy fabric.


Besides warmth, fur trapper hats should provide maximum coziness and comfort. So, look for a model with ultra-soft fleece. Of course, the ear flaps should also come with extra lining if you want top-notch comfort during those colder months.


Finally, we should mention the importance of looking at the price tag before splashing the cash. Admittedly, most fur trapper hats come at a reasonable price, but some high-end models could get pricey for the average outdoor explorer. So, compare several trapper hats to find the one that most suits your budget and preferences.


At first glance, the Vollebak hat might look like any other fur trapper hat out there. However, this model offers unrivaled protection while providing excellent heat retention and maximum comfort.

We already said that Vollebak focuses on creating clothes for the future and making quantum leaps in materials and designs. In a way, the classic-looking Vollebak Indestructible Hat illustrates this philosophy while combining modern and traditional elements.


Primarily, this trapper features a durable outer shell built with Dyneema Black. Yes, the same material they use for body armor or even anti-ballistic vehicle armor. In essence, Vollebak boasts using the “strongest fiber known to man” to create a unique trapper hat.

Aside from its extreme resilience, Dyneema Black is also ultra-lightweight. Thus, your Vollebak trapper hat will float on water. In addition, it will also resist UV rays and harmful chemicals while providing top-quality abrasion resistance.

Interestingly, Dyneema increases in strength as the temperature drops because of the changes happening on the molecular level. The composite material tightens its ranks and offers ultimate protection against blunt-force traumas, shearing, or tearing.


While the outer layer is “15x times stronger than steel”, the inner lining earns maximum points for comfort and warmth. After all, the cozy Vollebak Indestructible hat features the famous Polartec fleece, an ultra-soft material.

As you probably know, Polartec fleece creates thermal air pockets to improve warmth, and that’s why this trapper hat will keep you warm during the harshest winters. On top of that, Vollebak added a waterproof membrane between Dyneema Black and the actual inner lining. Therefore, rain and snow will be no match for this trapper hat.


Even though trapper hats are not famous for their eye-catching looks, the one from Vollebak will meet the needs of most urban users. Admittedly, it only comes in black, but you’ll get to choose between M and L sizes.

The innovative outer shell provides this hat with almost a glossy finish. On the other hand, the comfy fleece lining is visible on the edges around the ear flaps. Overall, we couldn’t find reasons to complain regarding the aesthetic aspects.


Last but not least, we should say a couple of words about the functionality and usability of the Vollebak Indestructible Hat. Namely, this model features magnetic storm flaps for extra-quick connections. So, you’ll have no problems fastening the flaps while wearing gloves.

In addition, the cord on the back of the Vollebak trapper hat will let you tighten everything to ensure a snug fit. Of course, the elastic cord will cause no discomfort because the drawcord system also offers hassle-free adjustment.

Speaking of convenience, we should also add that Vollebak offers free shipping and free returns on all products, including the Indestructible Hat. Delivery times within the US are 2-3 days.


If trapper hats are your cup of tea, then you might as well get the best. By choosing the innovative Vollebak Indestructible Hat, you’ll get your money’s worth and then some. After all, durable headwear is a dream for hunters, explorers, and anyone interested in outdoor adventures.

Even though it comes at a relatively higher price, the award-winning Vollebak Indestructible Hat will take your preparedness to the next level and become a life-long companion. The durable fabric will survive plenty of wear and tear, and the comfy fleece keeps you warm and cozy.