Bike racks for your vehicle are reliable and durable, but they also tend to be pricey; it’s not unusual for a full setup – bars, feet, rack – to cost $500+. The Kupper Mounts seek to change that by switching out the typical design for simpler, easier suction cups.

The Kupper Mounts aren’t the first suction cup bike racks, of course – but so far they’re the cheapest. And they’re not using any old suction cups, of course, but “Vacuum Cups” – “specially engineered” UV protected cups that are more commonly used to hold 800-lb. skyscraper glass windows during construction and maintenance. If they can handle that, they can hold your bike on your roof – even at highway speeds up to 90 mph.

They’re just so freaking easy to use, too; securely stick and fasten them to the roof of your car, and then stick the bike on. The front mount is a classic fork mount – so you need to remove your wheel – while the back one is a wheelstrap. So no surprises here. The kit includes a few extra straps and security tethers in case your bike calls for unusual mounting.

A bit skeptical? We can’t say we blame you for being incredulous, but these things work. They can handle a 45-lb. bike, work in temperatures from 10F to 120F without suction being affected, and Kupper says at speeds up to 90 MPH. Everything is dead simple to use and Kupper includes Product Liability Insurance for the off-chance something goes wrong.

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