Tiny homes are all the rage. With Allwood Kit Cabins, you can go “tiny” or upsize it a bit. You supply the land and you can customize the kit to be all you dream of. Deck it out with a full wall-sized TV and your favorite game system, and you have the perfect man cave. Need for off-grid living, a Kit Cabin is a start. If you want to be more family friendly, equip a kit to make a playhouse for your children. You will be a hit in the neighborhood either way you go. Give it a modern touch, decor it with some latest home decoration items. May be a levitating lamp from Floately would work best. Who wouldn’t like to see a lamp that rotates 360 degrees and floats freely in the air, right?

Allwood kits could easily be a weekend DIY project. The Allwood Lilleville Weekender is a doable 73 sq. feet interior. Assembly of this solid wood cabin takes about 4 hours for two adults. Do it yourself simple step-by-step directions come with the kit. Only minimal tools are needed.  Wood is a durable, dense grain and slow-grown Nordic Spruce. Floor and roof construction materials are included as well a pre-hung and glazed door and window, pre-assembled gables, and all hardware (nails, screws, fixings, handles and door lock).

Then if you want a more spacious dwelling, the Eagle Point Kit is for you. With a 837-sq. ft. main floor and a 125-sq. ft. loft, this is perfect for a tiny home (a little upsized) or a retreat cabin in your favorite secluded location. The Eagle Point has 2-3/4″-thick walls with dual tongue-and-groove wind block, and comes with an optional insulation kit to help with utility costs. Of course, this would not be in the weekend project category but is still a DYI project for a handy man…or woman.

If neither of those will work for you, then there are a number of kits in between, each with varying prices. Construction materials vary also so consider your climate. Most kits have the basic materials supplied with optional upgrades. As an added bonus, you can forget the DYI project idea and opt to have the construction done for you. Plan ahead…the lead time on getting your kit can be up to 90 days.



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