If you’re into coffee, you’ve likely heard of the Chemex. But what’s so special about this pour-over maker, and why does it continue to be one of the most popular out there?

The Chemex was first invented in 1941 by German inventor Peter Schlumbohm and has historically been manufactured by the Chemex Company. The hourglass design is based somewhat on laboratory flasks, is made of Borosilicate glass, and comes with that classic wooden collar for insulating your hands against hot water when pouring and brewing. It also does the double-duty of combining the dripper with a carafe, making collecting and pouring coffee easy.

The Chemex also uses special FP-2 filters, made of bonded paper, that fit perfectly into the conical shape and is extremely absorbent, removing a lot of the coffee oils for a unique, clean taste. (Some people like the coffee oils – it’s definitely a matter of personal preference.) They’re even “oxygen cleansed.”  Chemex also says their brewing process and filters help remove bitterness from strong-brewed coffee.

Coffee is, of course, a very personal matter – and some people enjoy their coffee differently than others. We’ll just say we love the coffee the Chemex produces, finding it clean, rich and full-bodied every time. There’s just something about (properly brewed) pour-over coffee that other methods simply cannot replicate.

The Chemex comes in the classic 3-cup size, as well as 6-cup, 8-cup and 10-cup sizes. It’s also a far cheaper way of brewing superb coffee than your any high-end drip machine. So maybe grab one of these if you love pour-over coffee,  and classic kitchen design.

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