Boots are a staple in a wardrobe. We admire the high-shine cordovan boots, chukka boots, and a number of rucking boots. Now we are really impressed with one of our favorite leather works company’s introduction into the boot market. The new Hold Fast Leather Roamographer Leather Boot wraps perfectly to your foot, just what you expect for hours of comfort.

Hold Fast Leather is known for high-quality leather camera straps and bags. A recent addition to Hold Fast’s leather products is the Roamographer, an American Bison Leather Duffle Bag. The popularity of this bag is the perfect segue to the new Roamographer Leather Boot.

As with any boot, you want style, durability, and comfort. Hold Fast takes its knowledge of leather works to the boot market. The focus is on instant comfort which will wear well and look good. Additionally, the Vibram 4014 sole, leather insole, and leather upper provides the support needed to deliver comfort throughout the day.

The Roamographer Boot is a limited production so you will want to jump on this opportunity. While you are checking out the Roamographer, browse around the Hold Fast website to see what quality looks like.

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