Here’s something we don’t see very often: a multi-tool dedicated solely to rescue situations. Designed with EMTs, firefighters and first responders in mind, the Channellock 87 may look like a regular pair of pliers, but features a variety of different tools full of uses in the many situations they usually find themselves in. The handle doubles as a pry bar, for wrenching open jammed doors and windows in an instant, and the other side has a wrench to shut off gas valves that you may find leaking, as well as loosening and tightening hose couplings. The jaw slices effortlessly through wires, ropes and cables, and is hardened and sharpened for sheering through thin metal (such as aluminum) in tough spots. All that, and it weighs only 1.13 lbs. and is small enough to clip onto your tool belt or even carry in your pocket.

We can only hope that you’ll never actually have to use it, but it may find itself a spot in your bugout bag. And if you’re a firefighter, you might want to consider carrying it as a backup.


  • Wire cutters for cables, wires, ropes
  • Hardened edges for slicing metal
  • Pry bar for prying open doors, windows
  • Wrench for gas valves, and 6” hose couplings
  • High Carbon Steel for tough situations
  • Electronic coating for rust protection
  • Weight: 1.13 lbs
  • Length: 8 inches
channellock_87_rescue_tool_back channellock_87_rescue_tool channellock_87_rescue_tool_upright