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Fast Eddie has been a gear fanatic since an early age...collecting everything from watches to pocket knives. A lifelong entrepreneur, he started his online journey in 2000 selling used college textbooks on By 2006, he transitioned into a direct ecom site focused on everyday carry gear...everything from flashlights to pocket knives. Now, when he's not testing out new gear, he enjoys spending time in the outdoors...mostly running and fishing with his 2 teenage kids.

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Best Kayaks On A Budget - And How To Pick one


6 Best Kayaks On A Budget – Selection Criteria

Like kayaking? So do we. Kayaking on open water – whether a lake, river or the open ocean –is probably one of most sublime experiences known to man. Just you, the water – and the kayak you’re sitting in.  Or maybe you’re an adrenaline junkie and see kayaking as one of the most thrilling experiences known to man – in which case you’ll probably lean towards a faster, slimmer, sleeker kayak for racing down river.

By Fast Eddie